HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

For the Eternal Glory of ELOHIM (The Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) we have created and given (not sold) over 3900 Prophetic Worship Instruments since 1996 touching over 700 Nations, States, Cities, Communities, Territories, Islands, Rivers, Ministries, and Tribes! As you give, we also give books, Bibles, DVD’s and CD’s, Anointing Oils, and financial offerings to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

We give thanks to ABBA ADONAI for your faithful prayers, friendship, gifts of worship instrument supplies and financial support over the last 21 years. We are intentionally moving forward in the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth for the Eternal Glory of YESHUA!

Glory Rings (5):
          Cities (1): Great Bend, KS
          States (2): CA and AL
           Individuals (2): OR

Worship Scepters (4): NJ, OH, NV, and RI

Worship Hammers (2): KS and NMSZ (New Madrid Seismic Zone)

Worship Sword (1): KY

Worship Shovel (1): OR (This is a new worship instrument created this year - The Silver Shovel representing digging the wells of revival, winnowing for the harvest, and burying the plans of the enemy.)

Worship Streamers (51): The Worship Streamer for each State in America was completed this year! PTL! This was a new worship instrument and new adventure for HGRM this year. With a debt of gratitude to Constance Thew, principle seamstress for the project.

Worship Flags (152):  The 2016 Worship Flag Project, HIS Remnant Gathering was also a new adventure for HGRM this year. With a debt of gratitude to Constance Thew, principle seamstress for the project and Carolyn Rae, photographer.
2016 brought 90,021 visitors and 103,332 page views. We give thanks to ABBA ADONAI for HIS plans, purposes, provision, prosperity and providence. We pray that each person visiting our website will tangibly  experience HIS GLORY!
WORSHIP INSTRUMENTS PREPARED TO SEND (15) - We have 2 Glory Rings: SD and MA; 3 Scepters: 1. NH 2. SD and 3. MA and 10 Worship Streamers: 1. UT 2. AK 3. MA 4. VT 5. IN 6. ME 7. LA 8. SD. 9. MO and 10. NH. We need divine connections with intercessors native to the State or a passion to pray for the State.  
A432 MUSIC PROJECT2016 was the launch of our A432 Frequency Music Project with a debt of gratitude to Steve Armer, Musician who has written 26 of the 52 projected songs which are created through Davidic Ciphering of the Psalms in a frequency that brings healing to the earth. The songs are on the States Prayers of our 999-PRAYERS website pages.
We now have 6 You-Tube videos on our website. Four photography videos with music created by Carolyn Rae and two that I created: one is a 65-page Power Point slide show providing instructions on "How to make a tinsel/fringe Glory Ring" taken from the Advanced Glory Ring Workshop and the second is a Power Point slide show introducing States and Nations Glory Rings.
We are continuing the legacy of 999-Prayers since 2001 with 9 Prayer Targets monthly: 1. America Israel 2. North American Continent 3. North American Continent Indigenous Peoples 4. The Body of Christ 5. Sound of the Shofars and Worship Hammers and 6. 7. 8. & 9. Four States of America. We give thanks this year for Cynthia Bremmer writing our North American Continent Prayers, for Pastor Dave Kelso continuing to write the prayers for the Body of Christ, in addition to the Prophetic Art of James Nesbit being added to some of our State Prayers.

Hawaii - Randy Lynn Mitchell, Robertsdale, AL, USA (04.08.2016)
Florida - Phyllis Enzor, Crestview, FL, USA (04.12.2016)
HOLY ANOINTING OILS (59 Total since 1999)
1.      2016 ~ HIS REMNANT GATHERING! Holy Anointing Oil! (May 23, 2016)
2.      2016 ~ THE LAMB OF GOD COVENANT MARRIAGE AND HOLY FRAGRANCE! Holy Anointing Oil! (July 12, 2016)
3.      2016 ~ HE IS THE LIVING WATER! Holy Anointing Oil! (August 28, 2016)
4.      2016 ~ THE KNIGHT’S SONG! Holy Anointing Oil! (August 28, 2016)
5.      2016 ~ HIS CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
6.      2016 ~ YESHUA IS OUR ANCHOR! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
7.      2016 ~ OUR COVENANT ELOHIM! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
8.      2016 ~ YESHUA’S ETERNAL PROSPERITY! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
9.      2016 ~ HIS RIVERS OF ETERNAL LIFE! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
10.   2016 ~ HIS DISCOVERY EXPEDITION! Holy Anointing Oil! (December 12, 2016)
Please note: HIS is an acronym for “Holy Immanuel Savior” referring to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Our Messiah
·        January 27, 2016 – February 3, 2016 – FL, AL, LA, MS, TX
·        February 25, 2016 - March 3, 2016 – OR, WA, ID, MT, CAN (Columbia River)
·        March 18-23, 2016 – OR, CA - San Andreas Fault; McKinleyville and Acampo.
·        March 30 – April 6, 2016 – The Six New England States - CT, VT, RI, ME, NH, MA, and MI
·        April 29 – May 1, 2016 – Astoria, OR – Gateway Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean
·        May 1, 2016 – Shiloh Fellowship, Vancouver, WA – Guest Minister
·        May 5-10, 2016 – Great Bend, KS – Beginning Glory Ring Workshop, Children’s Workshop, Experiential Communion
·        July 9, 2016 – Madras Aglow, Madras, OR – Guest Minister
·        July 16, 2016 – Full Gospel Business Men’s Breakfast – Ridgefield, WA – Guest Minister
·        August 18-24, 2016 – Colville, WA - Beginning the 2016 Flag Project, HIS Remnant Gathering
·        August 21, 2016 – NEW Beginnings Fellowship, Kettle Falls, WA – Guest Minister
·        September 7-8, 2016 – OR Coast – The Beginning of the 2016 Worship Streamer Project
·        September 24-27, 2016 – Bonneville, WA – Beginning Flag Project Photography
·        September 28-October 26, 2016 – TN, NC, KY, CO
·        September 30, 2016 – The Glory Train Gathering, Nashville, TN
·        October 9, 2016 – The River of Life Church, Gallatin, TN
·        October 14, 2016 – Bowling Green House of Prayer, Bowling Green, KY
·        October 21-25, 2016 – Cashiers, NC and Gallatin, TN
·        November 4-9, 2016 – MT (Missoula, Lolo, Stevensville, Darby)
·        November 10-15, 2016 – Thompsonville, MT - Colville, WA - Finish Worship Flags and Streamers Project
·        November 13, 2016 – NEW Beginnings Fellowship, Kettle Falls, WA
·        November 26-December 1, 2016 – OR (Portland, Tillamook, Cannon Beach), WA (Kennewick, Spokane), ID, MT (Missoula, Lolo) – Finish Flag Project Photography

HGRM Ordinations 2016
1. 02.01.2016 - Randy Lynn Mitchell, Robertsdale, AL, USA
2. 02.23.2016 - Sara LeCroy Wilson and W. Doug Wilson, Robertsdale, AL, USA
3. 03.04.2016 - Moshe Justin Morgan, Bend, OR, USA
4. 04.23.2016 - Kathy Carey, Mt. Juliet, TN, USA
5. 04.24.2016 - Charles Edward Caldwell II, McKinleyville, CA, USA
6. 05.08.2016 - Branden Joseph LeRoy, Great Bend, KS, USA
7. 06.08.2016 - Marvin Suber Williams, Freeport, NY, USA

May the LORD’s abundant favor, grace, truth, light, integrity, justice, peace, revelation, love, joy, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, discipline, spiritual and earthly prosperity bless you richly. May the LORD richly multiply your generous offerings and faithful prayer support throughout the last 21 years. I am rich in the LORD’s spiritual inheritance and grateful that HE called and anointed me to minister to HIS people on earth, to advance HIS Kingdom on earth for HIS Eternal Glory. My heart is exceedingly grateful to many servants of the LORD who have given generously of their time and resources, joining me in serving our FATHER’s Kingdom on earth.
Because of Yeshua, Our Messiah's deeper love,
Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, Minister


© Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy