HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

A Morning Meeting

06.25.2016 © Jennifer Lynn Joy

Softly stepping through the hidden apex the silver gate closes gently behind me. Golden hues, fragrant aromas lingering and the sweet kindness of home wrap their comforting arms around me. Whispers of winds encircling as HIS True Love pulsates perfectly. It is good to come home again. Glistening iridescent escorts encompassing the pathway. Magnificently tall double doors open effortlessly as if on cue. A round table fills the enormous space. The knights of THE KING are gathering once again. An epoch time on the horizon. A kairos moment in us. A chronos moment in history. Holiness enshrouds the atmosphere. We have come before, we come again. Every place is filled. There are no vacancies. No one arrives late…it is unheard of in this place.

Freedom moves like the light summer winds across a clear mountain lake. Gratefully, we sip liquid light from sacred, holy streams. We inhale air infused with countless covenant frequencies. Pure joy resonating like a million melodies flit and flutter like confetti on New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York. Hope rhythmically dances through the multi-layered ribbons of vibrant living colors. Translucent harmony completely covers us like a pure white wedding veil. Anticipation is at the highest peak.  


Immediately…Paradigms shift like tectonic plates.

Immediately…Purposes aligned, altered, administered.

Immediately…Plans clearly delineated and imparted.

Immediately…Positions reestablished and reordered. 


The table is filled to overflowing, abundantly. I see mounds of new weapons, tools and armor. Huge piles of sheet music with songs, melodies, harmonies. Countless books of fresh wisdom and true knowledge. Large platters filled with truth, hope, love, joy, goodness, mercy, long-suffering, patience, peace, and kindness. Golden-capped vials with new understandings and deeper revelations. Bottles of anointing, gifts, talents, dreams, visions and missions. Everything on the table is NEW to everyone gathered. We have been to this table before, yet we have not seen these gifts before. It is beyond our own imagination and creative abilities. HE hands out the gifts until the table is empty. Some are expecting one gift and receive another. Some are surprised by HIS faith in them. Some are humbled by HIS gifts. Yet, we all are consumed by HIS unending love. We are undone by the touch of HIS hand.