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Glory Ring Testimonial
Tamara Nellenback, Lynda Turnbull,
Jennifer Lynn Joy and Terri Alexander ~ 2005
Glory Ring for the Nation of Australia


For the Nation of Australia

Given to: JoAnn Turnbull, Lebanon, TN, USA.

Given to: Lynda Turnbull, North Ipswich, Queensland, Australia ~ March 2005.

Scriptures: Psalm 45, 105, 149, 150; Jonah; Luke 5:1-11, 9:10-17; Mark 6:30-44; John 6:1-21, 10:10, 21:1-14, 17. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

This is a remarkable testimony to the faithfulness of GOD and HIS overt love of HIS people and HIS miraculous way of having HIS way on earth! As you read each person's testimony, you will watch an amazing miracle of GOD unfold.
Tamara Nellenback, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
While living in Oregon from 2001-2003, I was at a meeting in Beaverton, Oregon and I noticed Glory Rings about. Later at the home ministry of Debbie Gleibe of Firegate Ministries, Battle Ground, Washington, I inquired about the Glory Rings. Deborah has a special call to Australia where a dove sat on her shoulder while she was ministering in Australia. Deborah shared with me about Jennifer's ministry so I called her and we talked about Glory Rings she mentioned North Carolina, and instantly I knew the North Carolina Glory Ring was for Terri Alexander, and thus the connection was made. (HIS Glory Ring Ministries did give a Glory Ring for Australia to Debbie Gleibe of Firegate Ministries in April 2001)
 Jennifer  Lynn Joy, Fairview, Oregon, USA
In February 2002, I attended a conference in Beaverton, Oregon where I was asked to facilitate the bringing of 100 Glory Rings to the conference. After the conference, Tamara Nellenback called me to inquire about our ministry and then connected me with Terri Alexander in Pineville, North Carolina who received the Glory Ring for the State of North Carolina in May 2002. Although, Terri and I have never met there was an instant kindred spirit connection. In January 2003, the Holy Spirit directed me to send Terri one of the 51 "I AM" Glory Rings for America and Israel. A number of months had passed until her phone call on Saturday March 19, 2005.
In September 2004, my dear friend and sister in the LORD invited me to Lebanon, Tennessee for a week of much needed rest. Tuesday evening was their local Aglow Meeting of which I was very blessed to attend. The Holy Spirit directed me to sit by a woman in the second or third row, not with my friend Joy. Therein was God's divine plan for me to meet JoAnn Turnbull. We discussed the possibility of the Australia Glory Ring and she gave the essential information for sending her the Glory Ring when it was finished, hopefully in the next week or two as her niece was visiting from Australia. The Glory Ring was not finished until five months later in January, when I mailed it to JoAnn, asking her to forward it to her niece in Australia with a request of her niece's name and address for our Glory Ring database and for the web site.
 JoAnn Turnbull, Lebanon, Tennessee, USA ~ April 26, 2005
Praise God!  His timing is always perfect.  The day it arrived here I took it to the Post Office and mailed it surface mail.  Surface mail takes almost 2 months for something to get to Australia, but it arrived the very day Lynda's friends arrived!  Amazing.  Lynda may be here in November.  God may just arrange a meeting between you both then.  Peace and joy be yours.  JoAnn

Lynda Turnbull, Queensland, Australia ~ 
April 25, 2005
Hi Jennifer,
My sincere apologies for this not having reached you.  Trust that as you read it you will be blessed and that the Lord will really minister His love and grace to you.

My first experience with a Glory Ring came on my last ministry trip to the United States at the end of 2004. I was visiting the home of a lady in Lebanon, Tennessee and she showed me the Glory Rings which she had. I had never seen one before and we had not heard of them in this part of Australia. As I picked up the first one, I recognized the anointing that was on it and my first impression was that I needed to meet the lady who had lovingly made it.  That I knew would have to be the hand of the Lord.
I didn’t think much more about it and I came home to Australia just before Christmas.  A few days after my arrival at home my aunt from TN rang me and said that there was a Glory Ring on its way   to me.  In the business of the New Year , etc. I actually forgot about it.  This I feel was the Lord as HE was about to show Himself in a very special way.
Just over 3 months later on the morning of 10 March 2005 as I woke up my first waking thought was “The Glory Ring” – nothing more but there was an overwhelming sense of the presence of the Lord in my bedroom.  2 hours later there was a knock on my door and it was the man from the Post Office with a special delivery for me…………….a box and yes it contained the Glory Ring.  I was at a loss for words knowing that there was something very special happening. Here I was having not thought about the Glory Ring for more than 3 months and within the space 2 hours of the Lord reminding me of It - it was now in my home.  I still had no I idea what the Lord really had in store for me as the signs and wonders had really only just begun.    
Later that day I was to pick up a precious friend who was flying in from South Carolina in the United States.  She was coming to stay with me but she was also bringing a friend of hers from North Carolina who I had never met before.  After the initial hugs and kisses etc. at the airport my first couple of questions to them was “What do you know about Glory Rings and have you ever had anything to do with them?”  They both answered that they knew a little about them and had used them in intercession and dance on a couple of occasions.  Little did I know what was about to unfold………………….
When we finally got home and the girls got settled I showed them the Glory Ring that had been sent to me and they nearly feel apart.  Terri who is the friend of my friend Shelley actually knew you and both of the girls had used the Glory Ring you had made for North Carolina in intercession on several occasions.  I was starting to see that the Lord had supernaturally arranged the arrival time and the release of this Glory Ring here in Australia.
As Terri was going into raptures over the Glory Ring and we were all still in a state of amazement at the timing of all of it, Terri discovered something else.  She had given you some ribbon quite some time ago to use on your Glory Rings as you felt led.  As she held the Australia Glory Ring she saw some of the ribbon she had given you.  God had gone before all of us long before and established a blessing and a reminder of His love and care in a very unique and special way.
We were all just in awe of what God had done to this point!  His preciseness and timing is so perfect.
On Sunday night at church we all felt that the Lord wanted to do something special with the Glory Ring.  Terri began to dance with the Glory Ring and we got everyone in church to link arms and form a circle around Terri, myself and the Pastor.  As Terri danced she then passed the Glory Ring to me and I began to dance, I then linked arms with the Pastor and we danced together……………..it was incredibly powerful and the air was electric with the presence of God.  Pastor Julie then took the Glory Ring and linked arms with one of our aboriginal ladies who is a powerful intercessor – this precious intercessor then began to intercede for her people and for the nation of Australia.
Since that night I have used the Glory Ring as led of the Lord in dance.  I am aware of the power and the authority that is released as I minister in this way.  It is so tangible that it fills the building.  I do not understand a lot of what God is doing through this but I recognize His hand and His anointing that comes upon me as I am obedient to Him in releasing whatever He purposes.  I believe that as I fulfill the call to the nations that God has placed on my life that I will take this Glory Ring and release the glory that we experience here in our meetings in those nations.  The call of God on Australia as a nation is very specific and very unique.  God is going to use this ring as one of the tools to fulfill that call and bring salvation, healing and deliverance to many who currently sit in very deep darkness and just as we have already experienced signs, wonders and miracles WILL follow. 
You also included some animals on the ring – an elephant and a giraffe which are definitely not Australia animals but just recently we had a wonderful man from Africa come and speak at our church.  There has been a very strong bond in the Spirit formed with him and the animals on the ring are actually prophesying the link between us and him and between Australia and Africa.
It still amazes me that of the 20 million people here in Australia God has entrusted me and the body of believers I am a part of with this ring and how He set it up to arrive here.  I sense very strongly that the story has only just begun and that there will be countless testimonies as a result of what God will accomplish through this tool.
Jennifer thank you for your ministry and your obedience to the voice and the leading of the Spirit of God.  Be encouraged knowing that God is changing nations and releasing peoples destinies through your ministry.  Your gift of creativity is being used as a tool in the Masters hands to fulfill Isaiah 61.  On one of my trips to the United States I would love to catch up with you in person and share the goodness of our God!!!!!
Abundant blessings in everything you set your hand to

 Terri Alexander, Pineville, North Carolina, USA ~ March 19, 2005 ~ 
Be still and know that I AM God!
 This is a testimony of one of the intricate timings and divine connections of God. It began one morning upon awakening I heard Yeshua say to me, "Get ye to Australia! First of all the Lord never talks to me in the "get ye" kind of talk. I thought later after hearing Him speak that maybe that was His "down under talk"! (ha ha) I did not know anyone there or anyway to get there. I just said, "Yes Lord I am willing." Within a week of that, my sister in Christ, Shelley, whom I have known for years wrote me an email telling me that the Lord told her to go to Australia.!! Wow.. she didn’t know anything of what the Lord had said to me. So I shared it with her and she then felt to ask me to go with her. It is always a miracle for me to go anywhere. And that is what I received. Someone gave me enough air miles to make this trip from NC, in the USA to Australia and New Zealand. Glory! That was a huge hurdle overcome, but there were many others facing me such as financial needs, two more plane tickets from other airlines from NZ to Sydney, motel rooms, taxies, food and gifts. My dear sister Shelley said she was willing to trust the Lord with me for the rest. So we watched the Lord bring all of the need in "Glory to His name".
The beginning of the Glory Ring story starts here. Shelley had previously met Linda, the sister we stayed with in Brisbane Australia, in Israel. Lynda had picked us up from the airport in Sydney and as we were driving home Lynda says. "Oh the Glory Ring!!" I said "What glory ring?" She said there should be one coming any time now. When we arrived at her home, there on her doorstep was this Glory Ring. When she took it out of the box, Shelley and I looked at each other and said, "Jennifer" this is from Jennifer!!" The reason we knew that the Glory ring was created through Jennifer was the fact that I have already been blessed and honored of the Lord to have received two of these Holy treasures made from Jennifer’s hands. I have one for the state of North Carolina and one representing Israel and the United States. Wow! What are the odds of that happening? First of all, that it would come on the same day we arrived, secondly that I would also have Jennifer’s ministry rings and thirdly that Linda would be the one of the few women in Australia to have received one!! Linda's aunt in Tennessee had told Jennifer (in Oregon) about Linda and her ministry. After we praised the awesomeness of God I began to pray over the Scriptures that Jennifer had felt led to place on the ring for Australia. The main heading for their ring was: "Fishers of Men," and my name Terri, means "reaper of the harvest"! So the FATHER gave me some prophetic words for each of the Scriptures. I shared them with Linda and she said they were right on and confirmation of what another prophet who had been there previously gave them. So this was encouraging to all of us. We also knew the prophet that had been there in Australia, his name is Bob Griffin, we have been very blessed in his meetings in North Carolina.
The FATHER then gave me a visual of how to He wanted to release His Glory Ring to Linda, her church and to their nation. We had a time of praise and worship. They then sang the song of their Nation. It spoke of Australia being the great Southland of the Spirit! It spoke of the harvest!! We danced with the nations flag and flags representing the Holy Spirit. We danced with the ring and the Holy Spirit had me hand it off to Lynda. Then she danced under the anointing and released joy and thanksgiving. We then brought her precious pastor Julie up at which time Linda passed it to her and they danced together. There was prophetic songs given over them as the congregation were called to make a circle around them to enter into receiving as a corporate body and to receive from the Holy Spirit the impartation of intercession with this ring for their nation, church and families. It was so beautiful. What an honor to have been a part.
They asked me to then share about what a Glory Ring is and to also release the prophetic words! It was all received with thanksgiving. Our God is an awesome God. Thank you Jennifer for your sacrifice of praise and obedience in Yeshua for this precious Glory ring to Australia. I pray this blesses and encourages you as to the lengths FATHER will go to release HIS anointing and will in HIS creations through your hands.
Shalom, Terri
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