HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
Journal of Joy

103 ~ Colville, Washington

August 18-25, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2016

This is the first of four Journal of Joys that tell the story of the Worship Flag Project 2016-2017.  I had no idea where the Holy Spirit was taking this. We just made one flag at a time until the project was completed in as much as we knew...

08.18.2016 – Thursday – The Holy Spirit is directing my path north again. Leaving at about 8:00 AM, I arrived in North Spokane, Washington about 1:30 PM, where I met Dixie and Ron for lunch at Tomato Street Restaurant. What a complete joy to meet with dear friends along a journey. Following a most enjoyable lunch, I finished the last leg of the journey, arriving in North Colville, Washington at about 5:00 PM. The journey was notably easy without road construction or delays. It is a familiar road to the home of a trusted friend.

Constance’s grandson and his friend, Sam from Portugal are also staying with her. A grandmother’s joy is to have grandsons for a season.

During the hours of driving I reflected upon this day, my sister Susan’s birthday. She moved to heaven in 1997, still she is remembered every day, especially this day.

08.19.2016 – Friday – We were given a couple of days, so we began making worship flags from remnant pieces of fabric donated to HGRM. It is my first time to make flags. I cut and measured fabric, ironed seams, and added adornments. While Constance sewed seams. It was seamless teamwork and we finished 16 flags today. For me, each flag was an expression of the remnant of the Body of Christ coming together for the GLORY of YESHUA!

Genesis 45:7, NASB,“God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth, and to keep you alive by a great deliverance.”

08.20.2016 Saturday – Following Constance’s appointment this morning, we continued to work on making more flags. And it is work. Yet another 10 flags are completed and I sense the LORD’s pleasure in our labor.

08.21.2016 – Sunday – This morning we attended NEW Beginnings Church in Kettle Falls, where I was invited to minister. The LORD clearly asked me to preach without my Bible, a PowerPoint presentation, or notes. The FATHER’s presence and peace were about me. HE is faithful in all things true.  Following the service, a group of us gathered at a local restaurant before departing our ways. It was a joyous time of prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and hope.

Constance and I returned to our labor of love, making Worship Flags for the rest of the day with the exception, of a brief reprieve to Douglas Waterfalls. The beauty of GOD is all around us, all that we need to do is open our eyes and see HIS majesty.

Today is my granddaughter, Sarah Joy’s 14th birthday. My heart is wrapped around her in love. It has been over two years since I have seen her and I miss her very much. 

08.22.2016 –Monday –In the morning, while I was measuring and cutting fabric, Constance went into town for an appointment. As most of the remnant pieces of fabric that I brought for flags were sewn, Constance added more remnants from her storage unit. We continued to work on the flags throughout the day. 

In the evening, there was an opportunity for prayer and ministry to the grandsons. What a sweet privilege to pray for a true friend’s grandsons.

08.23.2016 – Tuesday – As the Remnant Worship Flag Project was moving along so beautifully, I decided to stay a couple extra days to see the fullness of what the LORD was accomplishing. It is one of those projects when two is truly easier than one. We have completed over 70 flags, more than either one of us could have imagined possible.

08.24.2016 – Wednesday - We are finishing the flags today: 92 different colorful expressions of our FATHER’s GLORY and WORD and SOUND and SONG!  It is true, we did work 10-12 hour days. And yes, many mornings I awoke to the sound of Constance’s 40-year old sewing machine humming like the sound of praise. And, yes, a Serger would have made it quicker but we just used what we had on hand. Constance donated yards of fabric and trim, not to mention countless hours at the sewing machine.

08.25.2016–  Thursday – I arose at 2:00 AM to pray and was heading south by 6:00 AM and by 3:30 PM was pulling into the garage. Grateful to be home.
It is rare to find those in the Body of Christ that are willing to give their time, talent, home, energy, gifts, offerings, and servanthood…and Constance is one of the rare ones.


Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, M.Div., Ordained Minister