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Glory Ring Testimonial
 Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2003
Prophetic Glory Ring for the Nation of France!

APRIL 2003

For the Nation of France


Sent to: Kim Maas, Moorpark, CA, USA.

Given to: Marc and Annmarie LeBrun, Cergy-Pontoise Cedex, France ~  August 2003.

Scriptures: Song of Songs 2:1, 4:11; Isaiah 4, 42, 42; 2 Corinthians 2:12-17, 3:17-18; Ephesians 5:102; Hebrews 1:7; Revelation 1, 22. Handmade by Betty Leach and Jennifer Lynn Joy
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 4:35 PM
To: Jennifer Joy
Subject: Paris Glory ring
Hi Jen,
The Glory Ring finally arrived (my luggage was lost for nearly three days) and just in time to be given to the one God ordained.
I was introduced to a Pastor and his wife in Cergy. Cergy is a suburb of Paris. "Christ light of the Nations" church is Pastored by Marc and Annemarie Le Brun. In the last few years the church has experienced renewal and the Pastor has been networking with Che Ahn (Harvest Rock International), Chuck Pierce, Steve of the Elijah list, etc. They have a heart for Paris and have started an apostolic network in France to connect churches for revival. This is the church where the Elijah list and Chuck Pierce go to hold prophetic conferences in France. The last Elijah list conference in France held in June was here.
Jeannette and I both heard that the Glory Ring would go to them at the same time. They were happy to receive it and said that they had a prophetic worship dancer on the pastoral staff to whom it will go. She is an African woman named "Edwige" who apparently is a trained dancer.
I gave the Pastors the Glory Ring, the book, the bag, the oil. I explained about it being a prophetic song in color. They completely "got it". Here is their info.

Prophetic Glory Ring for the Nation of France!
Marc and Annmarie Le Brun, mission CLN, B.P. 117, g5613 Cergy-Pontoise cedex, France
The mission was successful!
I used 15 vials of anointing oil.
Here are the sites I anointed in order...
1.   Christ Light of the Nations Church-Cergy, France.
2.  Cergy, France - Prefecture Train Station. 
3.  Place de Matroi Jude (the place of the martyred Jews) - Paris.
4.  Port of Autonome - Paris.
5.  The four pillars (North, East, South and West) of the Eiffel Tower - Paris .
6.  The Oblisque (the monument erected by Napoleon, imported from Egypt in worship of reason and the place where Marie Antoinette and Louis the XVL  were beheaded)-Paris.
7.   Paris City Hall.
8.  Notre Dame - Paris.
9.  Versailles-The War Room/Hall of Mirrors/grounds.
10.  Orleans-Hotel De Paris. This hotel is over 100 years old and is the only building that was left standing in this section of Orleans in WWII after the Americans bombed and liberated it. The Germans had occupied Orleans. It stands on the Rue de Bannier which was the gateway from Orleans to Paris in the time of Jeanne D'Arc.
11. George V Bridge - Orleans, France. The oldest bridge rebuilt at the site of the original bridge which in the time of Jeanne D'Arc was the only crossable point over the Loire river. The Loire river is the longest river in France and the most unpredictable. This bridge is the bridge which connected the north and south of France. In the center of the bridge along the east side is a sculpture built overlooking the river of a huge crown...this was anointed twice with oil.
12.  Orleans-the original "siege point."  This is the point of origin of the original bridge, the remnant and ruins of it. It is the place where Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of arc) began her siege against the British in Orleans and her victory turned the tide of the hundred years war giving France her freedom.
13.  Place De Martroi - Orleans. This is the center of town with a huge stature of Joan of Arc on the place where many were martyred for faith. Below ground - directly below the statue - we discovered the ruins of the "original gate" to Paris called the "Port de Bannier". Orleans is the bridge between North and South and there were gateways...huge stone arch ways which lead to Paris or other cities. This was the "grain gate" where those who buy and sell grain would come and go in the city.
14.  Two large dry fountains on either side of the Place de Martroi-Orleans
15.  Large Calvinist temple-Orleans (hinges and door and dry fountain in the front)
16.  The Desert de Cevannes-the place where the Huguenots (protestants) fled from the Catholic persecutors-Anduz (name of the city).
17.   Anduz Huguenot Temple (Methodist church. Only Catholic churches are called churches in France. Protestant churches must be called temples)
18.   Centre Languedoc Evangel- Charismatic church in Montpellier (anointed the hinges and front doors).
19.   The Mediterranean Sea in the most southern part of France .
20.   The Seine River-Paris.
Of the linen napkins that you sent to me before I left for France, I left a linen Napkin in four hotels...The premier Class (Cergy)-room 608, the Hotel De Paris (Orleans)-room 406, the Hotel Royale-(Montpellier)-room 204, and the Hotel de Chopin (Paris)-room 412.
I gave the two finger "Glory Fire" rings I made at your last California workshop to Gwynn Cairns' two children. They are co-pastors of the "Family Christian Center" in Orleans and host worship conferences as they believe Orleans is to become a worship center for France. Also felt lead to give her my Orange scarf...It was my favorite scarf...hard to let go...
I am so grateful for your prayers and your participation...
Oh, and one more thing....
A while back you sent me a scarf that is a magenta color with rhinestones...you said it looked like rain. I have had it above my mirror in my room since you sent it. Well, I wore it around my neck almost every day in France as a prophetic prayer declaration for rain. The day after we left Paris, it rained and flooded the city. The rain continued to follow us around till we made a complete circle back to Paris...then it was spring like sunny weather, 70's, cool breeze, blue skies with fluffy white clouds...beautiful!
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