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Glory Ring Testimony
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2006
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For the Nation of Guatemala

Given to: Al and Helen Cambra, Global Mission Ministry Center, Boise, ID, USA

Given to: Pastor Enio and Jeimy, Ladrillera, Guatemala

Scriptures: Genesis 1; 1 Kings 1:40; 2 Kings 20:5; 1 Chronicles 29:9; Isaiah 25:; 38:5; Psalm 56, 126, 149, 150; Mark 9:17-30; 1 Timothy 1:4-11; Revelation 7:17, 22. Handmade by Jennifer Lynn Joy

The Guatemala Glory Ring, “HIS Tears of Joy”
Glory Ring for Guatemala
Jennifer Lynn Joy of HIS GLORY REIGNS MINISTRIES, in Oregon was divinely led to make this beautiful Glory Ring for Guatemala.  The Glory Ring represents prayers and prophetic words spoken over Guatemala. 

This was a special divine assignment.  We prayed asking the Holy Spirit to show us where the Glory Ring was to be delivered.
There was no doubt, it had to go to Jeimy and Pastor Enio.  Their heart and vision for reaching their world is incredible and is plainly written for all to see. When we presented Jeimy the Glory Ring, she asked us to pray that she would have a baby.  She feels she is looked down on in her culture because they have not had a child.  We prayed and agreed with her for that little life to soon be a part of their lives.

Helen Cambria,
Boise, ID
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