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Glory Ring Testimonial
Sandra Angus © September 2003 
Prophetic Glory Ring for the Nation of Hungary!
MAY 2003

For the Nation of Hungary


Sent to: Sandra Angus Budapest, Hungary

Given to: Krisztina Kakonyi, Budapest, Hungary ~ September 2003. 

Given to: Kristina Kadar, Szechenyi Utca, Hungary ~ April 2005.

Scriptures: Exodus 15:11; Psalm 89:1-29, 93; Isaiah 35, 66:12-13; Hebrews 10:19-25; Revelation 22.
Handmade by Betty Leach and Jennifer Lynn Joy

Prophetic Glory Ring for the Nation of Hungary!
September 8, 2003 - 9:33 AM

Dear Jennifer

The Hungarian Glory Ring has a wonderful home. I took a friend to a Messianic Church here in Budapest, it was the church that the Lord said the Glory Ring was to go to! I took it along, saying to God if He did not show me someone, I was going to bring it back home with me. This was a hard thing for me to do, to let it go.

It has a new pastor, a young man named Matt! During the service he led us in Davidic dance to Yeshua, and I glanced over and saw this young girl, with the spirit of God so shining out of her eyes, it surrounded her face. I then noticed that she had a walker! The thing that impacted me was that I saw she was dancing WITH US in the Spirit, there was no bitterness, sadness or unhappiness that she couldn't physically dance with us, she was using her hands and body to sway to the music with such joy in her eyes! I was so impacted by this expression of Jesus, I almost fell down under the Spirit!! When I sat down, I asked my friend if he had a sense of who was to receive it, and he said this same girl! There, I had also a confirmation. This friend and his wife have a wonderful banner ministry!! He is over 60 and to see a white-haired man worshipping with banners under anointing of the Holy Spirit is so wonderful and freeing!! I trusted his discernment. Of course, same generation as I!!!!

After the Shabbat service, I talked with Matt, showed him the Glory Ring, and when I took it out of the box to show him and others around, the anointing on it was powerful! HERE IS ANOTHER CONFIRMATION FROM GOD, the pastor and his wife whom the Lord showed me was to take the Glory Ring into Turkey were there, the first time that I have seen them in 5 months! and I was able to show the Glory Ring to her, ask her if she would be willing to take a Glory Ring into Turkey, her husband Dave said, "We know just the church, they are under prosecution from the authorities for preaching."

Matt then asked me if God had showed me who it was for, and when I pointed out the girl, He said, "Yes, she is one of the leaders of intercession in our church. Why don't we wait until Rosh Hashanah as it is the start of the Jewish New Year, and I will get the book, Have Glory Ring will Travel! translated into Hungarian for her!! We can then make a formal presentation in front of the church to her." Isn't God good!!


April 20, 2005
Dear Jenn:
Greetings from Hungary!!  I thought you would like to know that the Hungary glory ring has a new home!  With Kristina Kadar, Hungary.  She understands English very well.  Is a young worshipper (30's) with 4 children, and a husband called to be a prophet to Hungary.  She has a wonderful spirit, I can attest to this, for I worked with her.  I was invited to a prophetic meeting, and she was there, the Lord kept putting her face in my thoughts,  I realized with much peace, she was to have the glory ring!  She will look after it well, and it will travel around the country with her.  She has a wonderful heart!
Will write more fully when I arrive home this weekend. These two weeks have gone by very fast. Excited to hear what God is doing in the Hungarian church!
Blessings and love
Sandra Angus
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