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Japan Glory Ring Testimony
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2002
JULY 1999 

For the Nation of Japan


Sent to: Sharon Corbett, Fukuoka, Japan in January 2000. 

Given to: Chieko Mizuma, Fukuoka, Japan in January 2001. 

Scriptures: 1 John 3:1-3; Matthew 19:13-15. Handmade by Betty Leach and Jennifer Lynn Joy
Spring 1999 – While shopping in a thrift store in Redmond, Oregon I found the first of five “Japanese Raw Silk” scarves that were placed on the Glory Ring for Japan. The first one cost twenty-five cents. The number 25 is symbolic for the forgiveness of sin. Only GOD knew what message HE was taking to the Japanese women!
October 1999 – While I was ministering in Nashville, Tennessee at a conference where I had been asked to minister in dance with a Sword and Glory Rings, a woman in Vernonia, Oregon heard from the Lord. Without even calling and verifying my schedule, out of complete obedience to the Lord, she purchased a plane ticket, paid the conference fee and the condo expense for me to attend the International Aglow Conference in Orlando, Florida, November 3-8, 1999. It is exceedingly rare to find this kind of obedience and generosity in the body of Christ.
When I arrived home from Tennessee, an email greeted me with the information and that I needed to request for three more days off work. Only GOD makes these kind of arrangements.
November 1999 - While in Florida, there was a group of us gathered for dinner at a restaurant with a to-die-for-buffet. The Lord provided a supernatural divine appointment in the meeting of Dottie Mackan during this conference with over 10,000 people. We had been corresponding for two years but never met until this conference. Neither of us knew the other was planning to attend. So, as I am completely and totally enjoying the dinner and fellowship with Dottie and others, the Holy Spirit clearly speaks to me to return to the conference center. This is long before desert and in the middle of a meal. Learning to be immediately obedient, I excuse myself, give someone money to pay for my dinner, and then return to the Conference Center. As I arrive, the Holy Spirit clearly directs me to go up the left escalator. As I get on the escalator a blonde, Caucasian woman with a bright yellow jacket, white pants, and white blouse asks me, “Am I supposed to meet you?” I hear nothing, so I just smile politely and say, “Not that I know of.”
When we arrive at the top of the elevator, she proclaims, “I am supposed to meet you!” She asks me all the important questions and none of them mean anything to her. So, I rather cautiously say, “Well, maybe I am supposed to meet you?” Her nametag was hidden under her jacket. So, she opened her jacket and there were the words, “JAPAN!” I exclaimed, “You are from Japan?” Being a blonde Caucasian she did not look Japanese at all! We talked for a bit, exchanged addresses and I promised to send her the Glory Ring for Japan. In parting, she took a beautiful pearl and diamond pin off her lapel, places it in my hands, and says, “To You, Love from Japan!”
Japan Glory Ring Received
February 2000
Sharon Corbett
February 18, 2000
Dear Jennifer,
Greetings from Fukuoka, Japan!
I am sure that you have been wondering for quite some time if I ever received the Glory Ring. I did receive it back in the beginning of January. It was right after my husband, Dan and I had returned home, in time to open all of the mail that came through the holidays. We had been to Okinawa for a couple of weeks.
We were home just a couple of days before leaving for India and Malaysia for meetings. We returned home for about 3 days before I flew to Tokyo for an Aglow President’s meeting. After returning home, I had a couple of days before leaving for Australia. I just returned Thursday, had Aglow meeting Friday and today (Sat.) my husband and I are leaving to do a seminar this weekend on spiritual warfare and deliverance.
After I received your Glory Ring, I passed it on to the Aglow Board members here, so they could see it and the booklet. They were all so excited!!! They all want to study the booklet. After this weekend, I believe my schedule will slow down a bit and I plan to study it and share it with the Aglow members here.
I took it to the Aglow meeting yesterday. While I was looking at it during the meeting, I felt the LORD speaking to me about the materials that you chose to put into it. You see they are not the “fine” materials that most Japanese women would choose, but instead I saw in the Spirit, that they are the materials many women who are “abused and used” would wear. Perhaps this sounds strange to you, but it was as if the LORD just showed this to me so very clearly. The reason these materials were chosen was the “women that they represent, and those are the women that He wants us to reach out to and minister life everlasting.”
Two or three years ago, the LORD showed me that the Japanese women are the richest women of any nation in the world, concerning their material goods and savings as a whole. In the next breath, He spoke to me: “At the same time, the Japanese women are the loneliest women of the world.”
When my parents visited Japan a couple of years ago, my Dad kept saying: “Do these people ever smile? They are the saddest looking people that I have ever seen.”
I am really going to look forward to staying in touch. We want to thank you for the Glory Ring. I know that it will be a great blessings to many.
In Him,
Sharon D. Corbett
February 22, 2000
Truly a delight to hear from you.
We just finished making a Glory Ring for Okinawa. Seemed as though I am to send it to you, and you will be positioned to give it to whom the LORD directs.
Seemed also that I am to send you more books.
Please let me know.
Your travel schedule is amazing! Who but GOD?
Thank you for your insight and all that the LORD revealed to you regarding the Glory Ring for Japan. The amazing thing to me is that each of those scarves was found in a different thrift store in a different city in Oregon over a period of 7-8 months.
May you know the fullness of our FATHER’s love, joy, peace, earthly and spiritual prosperity, kindness, favor, mercy, grace, power and discernment in this season. In Jesus Name!
Love in HIM, Jennifer
February 22, 2000
Dear Jennifer:
Greetings from Fukuoka!
It was so interesting that you mentioned Okinawa. I was the president (Aglow) on Okinawa for 3 years, and then we moved back to mainland Japan. The next president moved back to the states a year later and the meetings slacked off and it had been on hold until the Lord moved an Aglow president from Tokyo down to Okinawa. Her husband is in the Navy. When I was on Okinawa in January (last month), I felt compelled to contact her, but did not have a telephone number. I had no idea which base she was on. I was drying my clothes in a little laundry area at the condominium where we were staying, and the Lord suddenly said, “Sharon, go back to the apartment and call such and such base and ask the operator for…….” I did and guess what? She gave me the number and I called and that lady answered. GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She and I met and I shared some of the names of individuals I know personally on the island so that she could contact them. She told me, “I had been feeling guilty because I had done nothing these three months since I cam to Okinawa. I told the Lord, “If I am supposed to do anything with Aglow, then let someone from Aglow call me this week.”
Two days later you called me. “Wow!”
I will definitely deliver it to Okinawa myself, if you send it to me. God is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Him,
SD Corbett
January 8, 2001
Hi, again.
We will be leaving Japan and returning to the States so I am sending you the names of the ones that have the Japan and Okinawa Glory Rings.
The lady in Okinawa is American. Her name if Jacqueline Daniels.
The lady in Fukuoka is Japanese and she is the praise and worship leader of Aglow. Her name is Chieko Mizuma.
Be Blessed in HIS Love,
In Him,
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