HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
Journal of Joy
Moorpark, CA, USA
February 1-6, 2012
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2011
Preparation ~ In September 2011, during the season of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah the LORD mentioned that one of my assignments for 2012 was to revisit the four corner border states of America as in 2002. It seemed impossible that ten years had flown by. Within a couple of weeks, unaware of the LORD’s mandate,  Pastor Kim invited me to California to minister…the LORD was clearly going before me making the way smooth and easy to complete HIS assignment. When Amy scheduled the flights there were layovers in Seattle coming and going. At the close of this journey, before five weeks of 2012 had passed, the assignment to visit the four corner Border States was already 50% complete. The LORD was clearly orchestrating HIS purposes.
02.01.2012, Wednesday ~ One of our faithful ministry intercessors, Versie, chauffeured me to the Redmond airport. During the five minute trip to the airport, an American Bald Eagle flew in from the south, circled over the car and then flew south again. I was very surprised because airports are not normal places for eagles to soar. It was as though the eagle was bringing the message of Psalm 91 to comfort, strengthen and encourage me.
Flight 2222 (Isa. 22:22). Seat 15A. Flight 520. Seat 17A. Gate change from C15 to C11. The layover at SEA-TAC while awaiting the flight to Burbank, allowed time for computer work. Pastor Kim and Nikki met me at the Burbank airport, then we dined at Portico’s Restaurant…as we had been praying for an open heaven, a portal to open over this territory, the restaurant name seemed to be a prophetic gesture. Then Nikki mentioned that on the way to the airport they saw a license plate on a Lexus, “Open Heaven”…we sat at table 11 (Hebrews 11), order number #5055 (Jubilee, Double Portion Mercy), ate Cuban sandwiches (prayed for Cuba) and French dessert (prayed for France).
After taking Nikki home, we went to Pastor Kim’s home, where Karyn stopped by to visit.  A little after midnight, we retired and when entering the room where I was lodging, I was greeted with an unprecedented welcome to California…overflowing basket of treasures.
A Brief History ~ During ministry outreaches in 2001 and 2002, the Holy Spirit indicated to us to draw a line of demarcation on a map, declaring an earthquake free zone, which we did. Then Kim organized a group of intercessors from the north, south, east and west boundaries of the line of demarcation and since that time, they have faithfully prayed protection over the area. I understood that a portion of this journey to California was to enlarge the boundaries of line of demarcation in the north and south directions. The complete story is in A Connection of Joy. As the Pacific Ocean was to the west, that boundary was clearly set, and Pasadena was the previously set boundary to the east. It was clear that the LORD was extending the tent pegs along with HIS favor and blessing to this area.
02.02.2012, Thursday ~ Arising at 5:55 (Isa 55:5) I spent time in prayer before joining Kim for a beautifully designed breakfast of Angels Dream Tea, fresh bread from the Portico, eggs with avocado (definitely Californian), Caribbean red papaya (this was a first for me), Golden pears, Honey crisp apples, and fresh California cantaloupe. It was a prophetic breakfast of fresh fruit, fresh bread, and a new beginning. We met Pastor Reggie at a local coffee place for a divine exchange of our FATHER’s grace, mercy, love and prophetic movement. It was a sweet time in the presence of the LORD.
Anne-Marie joined Pastor Kim and I, then we sojourned north to Santa Barbara (65 miles north), with Anne-Marie being the faithful chauffer for the three days of our prayer journeys. We left at 11:17 am (a promise of faith and victory) driving through Camarillo (the city of the first line of demarcation in 2001). It was evident the presence of the LORD was shifting the line of demarcation to the north. It was as though HE highlighted new lines on the map, the line had been drawn, and HIS favor had been extended. The warm California sun was a tangible gift since I reside in the colder winter climate of the Pacific NW. We stopped at Santa Barbara harbor, ate lunch in the outside dining area of Brophy Brothers, a local’s favorite. We walked the beach and the pier praying, pouring out Anointing Oil, declaring and decreeing as the Holy Spirit directed our steps. A friend called from Florida while we were walking the pier and I thought from the Atlantic to the Pacific may our prayers ascend to heaven.
Then we drove along the Chumash Hwy CA 154 flanked by the San Rafael Mountains through the Los Padres National Forest (The FATHER’s National Forest), in the Santa Inez (meaning pure, holy or sacred) Valley to Lake Cachuma, a manmade lake on the California aqueduct. An interesting note is that the word Chumash (Judaism) is the Hebrew word for Pentateuch and the Chumash people are a Native American people located off the coast of California.  Lake Cachuma is 77 miles north of Moorpark…the LORD’s confirmation of HIS completed work! HE IS SO FAITHFUL!
We trust that the tiny drops of "Prevail," "Time for Turnaround," and "Shiloh" Anointing Oil will bless the 60 thousand plus people who receive water from this reservoir. On the return trip to Moorpark, we stopped in Carpenteria (The Carpenter’s) for a brief investment into the community. It was an amazing first day of taking more territory since the original prayer journey in 2001. The LORD has been faithful to honor the line of demarcation (earthquake free zone) that was established, at that time.
In the evening, Pastor Kim provided an open-house generously giving me an opportunity to meet new friends, new family members and embrace long-time friends. It was such a sweet, joyful evening filled with love, laughter, song and sacred table fellowship. For all of those that were given a window of time to come and join us, thank you so very, very much.
02.03.2012, Friday ~ Arising to another extravagantly beautiful warm sunny California day, Anne-Marie met us mid-morning and we began our day of intercessory prayer in the Moorpark territory. The city of Moorpark was incorporated in July 1983 encompassing 12.44 miles, centrally located in Ventura County. We went to many strategic places including business parks and places of education, specifically Moorpark West Studios, The Fountain Foursquare Church, the Arroyo River, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Simi Valley and Moorpark College. We enjoyed lunch at Cafe Firenze, an Italian restaurant (prayed for Italy). The LORD opened doors for divine moments of prayer for Kim’s family. All of the cities we visited today were places we had prayed and poured anointing oil in 2001 and 2002. The LORD has been faithful to raise up HIS own intercessors for this territory.
The “Kick-Off” for the Women’s Gathering at The Fountain Foursquare began in the early evening with worship. It was a complete joy to see some friends from seasons past…oh the faithfulness and kindness of GOD never ceases to amaze. I began with a brief teaching on the Prophetic, then gave Amy “The Harvest of the Ages” Glory Rings, then honored the “2001-2002 Line of Demarcation – Earthquake free-zone” participants that were present with a song, “You are so Beautiful.”
The LORD asked me to bring 50 pairs of earrings, the night before, so I did. They were placed on the Communion Table as well as the “Linen Napkins”. Exactly 50 women were in attendance…the Holy Spirit still knows how to count. Two women left early without their earrings, so their earrings were given to others who gladly received a double portion blessing. I gave each woman a brief prophetic word regarding the earrings that she chose. It was an intentional gift for each woman to increase in her hearing of the Rhema word of the LORD, just as the Linen Napkin with a Scripture enclosed is an intentional gift about a divine exchange and receiving a written Word from HIM.
The Communion Table was adorned lavishly with the theme of peacocks which is symbolic of the majesty, beauty, protection and perspective of ADONAI. The evening closed well after midnight. My spirit and soul are refreshed and blessed by the faithfulness of Yeshua.
02.04.2012, Saturday ~ Anne-Marie our faithful chauffer and intercessor arrived about 9:30 am and we headed south to Angeles Temple, then walked over to The Dream Center, followed by a brief commute to Santa Monica and the Father’s Office for lunch, then through Glendale to the Griffith Observatory, a 3105 acre park. The LORD provided unprecedented divine timing at Angeles Temple and The Dream Center which opened doors for spontaneous tours and ordained appointments for prayer. We watched the sun set from Griffith Observatory and then closed the evening with dinner at N & N’s in Moorpark. Another absolutely amazing day. My heart is blessed beyond words at the LORD's faithfulness and generosity. 
02.05.2012, Sunday ~ We met Anne-Marie at the Community Center/Government Buildings of Moorpark to pray in the morning before the church service. Then we participated in the early morning pre-service Pastoral team prayer, followed by the early morning service at The Fountain Foursquare. Through divine circumstances, I attended a meeting regarding a Youth Missions Trip to Kenya, Africa. This was another extraordinarily divine appointment of the weekend. Ken and Anne-Marie are leading the Youth Missions trip to Kenya in June 2012.
My niece, who is a Doctor in Kilifi, Kenya, brought linen napkins from Kenya last summer as gifts to each person attending her wedding reception. These linen napkins will be added to the Kenya Glory Ring that will go with the Youth Missions trip to Kenya. The LORD so delights in preparing blessings for HIS people to bring them encouragement and hope! Only GOD!  
The afternoon and evening was filled with family and friends – a social extravaganza.
02.06.2012, Monday ~ We met Karyn for coffee before my morning flight, then Pastor Kim chauffeured me to the airport around 10:30 am. The check in was easy and the flight to Seattle was like a warm summer breeze. When our flight left Seattle there was a mechanical issue, so the flight was delayed for about 30 minutes. Then we headed to Redmond a second time. At the time we left Seattle we were notified that Redmond was socked in with fog and that even though they were sending the flight out they expected it to return to Seattle without landing in Redmond because Redmond had ¼ mile visibility and ½ mile is required for landing. The two flights before us were returned to Seattle. Five minutes from the Redmond airport, the fog lifted to ½ mile visibility so we were able to land. Thank you JESUS! And my suitcase was first off…LOL!
Because of the delays, Versie’s daughter met me at the Redmond Airport… (She used to work at the airport and her friends there kept her informed of all the changes with my flight)...THANK YOU GOD!
It is with fond affection, deep appreciation, and heartfelt gratitude to my California family and friends in the LORD, who so warmly welcomed me, showered me with Californian hospitality, and graciously allowed me the privilege of being in their lives during these few days.
As always, my prayer is that Our FATHER’s plans and purposes were accomplished and the name of YESHUA was glorified for HIS eternal glory.
Yours for Yeshua, Our Messiah
Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister