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“While at the Sea of Galilee HE said, “LET THE SEA OF GALILEE MIRACLES commence!” I thought out loud, ‘I thought they already had’….HE SAID, “MY TIME IS TIMELESS, IS IT PERFECT TENSE!” 

Which is to say ABBA ADONAI is not confined by past, present or future tense, or the earth’s time..HE SIMPLY IS!
“While in Israel we encountered camels. Camels are significant in Scriptures as they are noted for bringing gifts such as frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus (Yeshua) and gifts to Rebekah’s family as she became Isaac’s bride. Scripture references: Genesis 12:6; Genesis 24; Isiah 60:6; Isaiah 66:20; Job 42:12; 1 Kings 10:2; Matthew 2:11. I heard the LORD say, “The Camels are coming. Be prepared to receive blessings, favor, gifts, prosperity, and recompense from ABBA ADONAI, Your Father. I will be multiplying what each has sown into MY KINGDOM AS ONLY I CAN DO!” (This photo was taken at "SEA LEVEL")
“While at the Tower of David Museum the LORD spoke to me, “Tell my people to keep building!” The TOD holds 3000 plus years of geological history. Each of us holds that many generations of history some known and some unknown. Then the LORD gave me specific words for specific people. The Holy Spirit will highlight yours. 1. Realign 2. Start over 3. Move forward 4. Check the cornerstone 5. Use premium material 6. Stop hesitating 7. Go back to the blueprint 8. Excellent work…don’t stop now. 8. Things are not what they seem on the surface check the foundation. May our FATHER’s great love surround you all. (www.TOD.org.il) Scripture references: Nehemiah; Proverbs 10:25; Isaiah 28:16; Isaiah 44:28; Ezekiel 13:14; 1 Corinthians 3:11; Zechariah 8:9; Matthew 25:34; Luke 6:48-49; John 17:24; Revelation 21. The question is: Are you building for the Glory of ELOHIM or yourself? Therein lies the eternal difference. Shalom from Israel, Jennifer Joy
The LORD spoke to me this morning at 8:00 AM, “I AM GIVING YOU A NEW SHIELD!” Scripture references: Genesis 15:1; Deuteronomy 33:29; 2 Samuel 22:3, 22:36; Psalms 3:3, 5:12, 18:35, 28:7, 33:20, 85:9, 84:11, 115:9, 115:11, 119:4; Proverbs 30:5; Ephesians 6:16. (The photo is from Israel 2017)