HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
Journal of Joy

104 ~ Newport, Oregon

September 7-8, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2016

09.07.2016 – Wednesday - The initial purpose of this brief journey, was to meet Constance in Lincoln City and pick up the Worship Streamers. As per usual, PAPA GOD had many more things on the agenda that I knew about. 

Lincoln City is about a three and half hour drive from my residence depending on summer road construction projects. I have been here many times and just so love this city on the extravagant beautiful Oregon Coast.

I met Constance and Carla at the Sea Gypsy Motel which has a great view of the ocean. We walked on the beach, poured anointing oil, prayed, went shopping at some antique stores and enjoyed the abundant bounty of LIFE in YESHUA!

Signs along the way:

Advice from a Horse: Take Life’s Hurdles in Stride ~ Loosen the Reins ~ Be free spirited ~ Keep the burrs from under your saddle ~ Carry your friends when they need it ~ Keep Stable ~ Gallop to Greatness

Advice from an Eagle: Keep a keen lookout ~ See the big picture ~ Honor the Earth and Sky ~ Be Proud ~ Have your goals in sight ~ Fly High.

In the late evening, they prepared a bonfire and as the wood smoke is still too much for my lungs, Debby prepared a S’More for me. There is just something about S’Mores…sweet, decadent, memorable and sticky!

To close the day, we shared Communion and a time of sweet, heavenly prayer. And I was the recipient of many prophetic gifts, and gifts for HGRM…all so unexpected…yet PAPA GOD’s perfect surprise.

09.08.2016 – Thursday -  In the morning, I arose early with the plans of leaving before 8:00 AM. Carla asked me to stay to look at some property with her in the morning, then we met Constance and her family at the Newport Aquarium. It is my first time to this Aquarium and truly, I was just proud of Oregon. I thought the city of Newport did a fabulous job. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny.

I left in the afternoon a few hours later than originally planned, yet obviously GOD’s plan was different than mine. HE kept adding unexpected joys and delights!

The Worship Streamer Project is going to take another trip to Coville, Washington for Constance and me to work together on the project, as the person helping her did not follow instructions. Therefore, we will begin again.

In our walk with YESHUA, flexibility is key. Always!


Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, M.Div., Ordained Minister