HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

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Journal of Joy
Salem, OR, USA
November 2007
Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2007
11.09.07 ~ Friday afternoon, Kathy and Donna came to help set up, along with Sue, who was one of the hosts for the Workshop. We gathered at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon. There were many challenges to overcome with table shortages, sound systems (no cordless microphone available), missing projector, etc…yet it all came together in time. Praise the LORD! Due to a family situation my grandson, Elijah (age 7) joined me at the Workshop. Elijah and I went to a Worship and Prayer gathering at a local congregation this evening and it was such a rich blessing to be able to corporately worship before a Beginning Glory Ring workshop.
11.10.07 ~ Saturday ~ I arose at 4 AM to prepare for the day. On the drive to Salem, I fervently prayed for the Holy Spirit to awaken the intercessors because I sensed this day would need a deep level of faithful intercessory prayers. Elijah and I arrived at 8 AM to finish setting up and it was beyond clear to me that we would need all the angels the LORD GOD wanted to send to make it through the day! And if there is anything notable about this workshop in Oregon is the number of light orbs and spheres in the photos indicating the thick presence of holy angels.
It was the first time for Elijah to join me in ministry. He is not only very anointed but also sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. It was pure joy to have him be a part of the day.
Anne Marie, Annette and Sue hosted the Workshop. It was the second workshop for Sue to help host this year. She is a brave and courageous woman full of faith and the fire of GOD!
Sixteen individuals aged from 7 to 70 plus, gathered from around the State of Oregon to worship the MOST HIGH GOD in spirit and in truth. The worship time was very anointed and rich in the spirit. It is always very delightful to see my FATHER’s daughters and sons step out in faith into an uncomfortable and different place in worship using different worship instruments to express their praise.
I gave the “Columbia River Glory Ring” to Cynthia Bremmer, Saint Helens, Oregon during the workshop.
At the close of the workshop, Elijah anointed each one attending with Anointing Oil and prayed a blessing over them.
August 2007 ~For the Columbia River! HIS REVELATORY RELEASE OF LIVING WATERS!(Beginning in British Columbia, Canada with 1,243 miles running through the states of Washington and Oregon, United States to the Pacific Ocean) Given to: Cynthia Bremmer, Saint Helens, Oregon. Scriptures: Gen. 1; Exod. 15:3, 33; Ezek. 37, 47; Dan. 12; Ps. 1, 2, 8, 11, 15, 24, 45, 118, 119; Isa. 55; Matt. 21:12-16; Luke 19:45-48; John 17; Heb. 11; Rev. 21, 22. Handmade by Trudy Leppek and Jennifer Lynn Joy.
After the workshop, Annette, Sue, and Elijah and I went to dinner. Annette spoke of her mother needing healing as she was losing her eyesight and hearing. So we prayed and the KING of Kings came…with just one touch of YESHUA….one touch of infinite love…one touch of HIS healing virtue. Just one touch of JESUS.
And my life continues to be in movement with the Holy Spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD…and as I watch the leaves turn to red as winter approaches, I know in my spirit that I will not be in this place next fall…that the LORD will be moving again and I will be going with HIM, wherever HE sends me.
With a grateful heart to those who remain faithful and steadfast in prayer, intercession, offerings, gifts and support of this ministry.

Thank you so much for your righteous prayers of faith.

Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister