HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Journal of Joy

Salem, OR, USA

April 17-19, 2015

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2015

Acts 20:24, “But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the LORD JESUS, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God.”  

04.17.2015, Friday ~ The week before departure was filled to overflowing with preparation. I am grateful for the gift of the 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, which provided ample space for many Worship Instruments and Workshop supplies.             
The journey is a comfortable path through the quaint historic town of Sisters, past Big Lake Campground along the Santiam Pass through the Cascade Range, towards the Willamette Valley. As a fourth generation native Oregonian, the territory is familiar with the majestic tapestry of multihued green layers, the growing color of foliage. Evergreen and deciduous trees, ferns, shrubs, moss, grass, and plants of countless varieties thickly line the black asphalt trail over the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Range. The mountain air is pungent with the blue spruce, Douglas fir, noble fir, cedar and pine…the sweet fragrance of Oregon.             

The sounds of prayer arise from my spirit as I continue to seek my FATHER about HIS plans, purposes, destiny, and prophetic purposes of tomorrow’s Workshop. Our Savior’s Lutheran Church hosted a Beginning Glory Ring Workshop in 2007 and a Women's Retreat in 2014.  There is always a sweet joy of returning to a place of familiar faces and welcoming hugs.
The green road sign indicates that the destination is less than 30 minutes away. My heart is grateful for the safe journey. The sound of a loud pop causes alarm and I look in the rearview mirror. I  see no calamity. Quickly, I touch the tire gage screen for the Pathfinder and watch the tire pressure on the fourth tire go…3, 2, 1, and 0. Moving to the right lane, to the edge of road, leaning the vehicle into the ditch, I realize clearly that the loud popping sound was a tire blow out. As one who scored zero for mechanical aptitude, I also realized that my heart was pounding and that I am going to be seriously late to the rendezvous at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Unloading the Pathfinder to find the spare tire was not an option, so I called the Road Side Assistance Company, a service that I thought was well worth the extra funds on my car insurance policy. Truly the next three hours of delays, over 19 phone calls between the towing company, insurance company, tire store and Road Side Assistance Company was incomprehensible.

The simple 2.5 hour trip was delayed 3 hours. It was the first time I have ever driven a vehicle that had a tire blow out not to mention on the way to a ministry outreach…I found myself completely unprepared for the Road Side Assistance company’s errors which caused the lengthy delay, not to mention the unexpected purchase of four new tires. Yet, I was truly grateful for the safe journey and that no one else was involved in the incident and knew that angels had surely protected me.
Arriving at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church 3 hours late, the Workshop hosts and their helpers met me in the parking lot and we unloaded the Pathfinder.  

Grateful for the elevator as five suitcases and more is a bit much to haul upstairs. We were given the smaller room across the hall from a large room with extra high ceilings. The large room was reserved for an event Saturday evening. However, we would be able to use it for worship. The set-up seemed easier than I anticipated, particularly because all those who assisted had never attended a Workshop previously. I set up my laptop, verified the PowerPoint was working, and then provided direction to the patiently waiting hands for the needs of the room. The only minor glitch was that a sound box had been omitted from the list of needed supplies which was easily remedied. The sound man synced my microphone with the sound system and all was set to go. Within two hours we left the church parking lot ... easily in the range of a miracle.

In the evening, I shared a meal with Nancy and Ed, and Nancy’s mother overlooking the golf course which was in full bloom with the colors of spring. Spring had not yet arrived in the Central Oregon desert where I reside. The colors of the valley were extravagant in their means of comforting a valley girl who has so missed the rich, vibrant hues of Passover/Pentecost season.

04.18.2015, Saturday ~ Nancy arrived at the church early to prepare the morning refreshments, Evonne, Mary Rose, and Cynthia and I arrived around 8:00 AM. They prepared a beautiful light breakfast for everyone that gathered. The day went exceedingly well except for the microphone not working the first hour or so, then gratefully Evonne was able to connect everything again.  Then the laptop PowerPoint presentation was next to go due to lack of electrical sources near the lectern. 

Mechanical/technical failures are not my gift and I was so grateful for Evonne’s assistance. She made it seem so EASY! And caused me to be acutely aware of how much we need each other in the Body of Christ. Each person has gifts that are priceless to another.            

The four hosts (Cynthia, Mary Rose, Evonne, and Nancy) also prepared a lovely lunch for everyone.  Clearly their week of preparation had been as full as mine, if not more so.During the afternoon session, I realized the iron and ironing board were missing from the room set up, which meant I would take home the City of Salem, OR, USA Prophetic Glory Ring to complete. 

Obviously, part of the LORD’s plan because an extra hour of time was provided for giving prophetic words. It truly was all in God’s hands as 16 women completed their Worship Instruments (Glory Rings – aka Songs in Color) and received a prophetic word of encouragement and hope. Everyone in attendance except one was new to worshipping with Glory Rings. It was as though the LORD was giving everyone a taste of new wine. Annette, who attended the Glory Ring Workshop in 2007, mentioned ever so kindly, “you have learned a lot along the way…” Oh, yes I have. God is faithful.            
Many volunteered to help clean up and pack up the supplies and we were on our way by 6:00 PM…another miracle.            

In the evening Evonne, Nancy, and I debriefed the day and enjoyed sweet fellowship and reflective communion. 

04.19.2015, Sunday ~ Ed won a new car the weekend before, so we enjoyed sporting it to the morning worship service. Ed and Nancy live under a fountain of God’s rich favor. After the morning church service, Pastors Tom and Susan, joined Ed, Nancy and I for another spectacular view of the Willamette Valley while enjoying a delightful brunch.        
The drive home was easy and without incident. Although the vehicle was unloaded immediately upon arrival, it took a week of evenings after work to put everything away. My heart is very grateful to the HGRM Intercessors who are faithful to stand in the gap and pray as the LORD send’s me forth, and grateful for the 16 women who decided to step out of the boat and learn to worship ELOHIM in a new and different way, and for the 4 hosts who were willing to devote their time, energy and resources for the Glory of YESHUA!


Jennifer Lynn Joy