HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Journal of Joy

Tennessee USA

March 12-21, 2015 – 10 Days – John 10:10

Jesus said, “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2015

Two magnificent full arc rainbows luxuriously painted the cerulean blue sky with their trusted promises the week before departure.

03.12.15, Thursday ~ The Holy Spirit encouraged me to pour “HIS Liberty” (obviously in preparation for the 2016 American Prayer Journey which the LORD has yet to reveal) Holy Anointing Oil in the driveway as I waited for the shuttle service under the expansive canopy of the mysterious Milky Way and countless stars on the midnight blue canvas above. It is always good news when anyone arrives on time or even a bit early, which is why I continue to use the same airport shuttle service. They make timeliness a priority. The flight to LAX was a dream, smooth all the way to the gate. However, the flight to BNA was a mix between bumper cars and roller coasters for four exhilarating yet challenging hours, similar to the last flight, four years ago when I traveled to TN.

Joy picked me up curbside at BNA and whisked me away to meet Mary at Ruby Tuesday’s.  After dinner we visited until close to midnight. My feet have not healed fully since the 2013 surgeries intended to correct birth defects, so I am grateful for stairs…it is imperative that I practice going up and down stairs, teaching my feet to climb once again. They have mastered walking again, but skipping, running, dancing, hopping and jumping remain completely impossible at this time. Stairs…there is hope in learning to climb stairs again.  

03.13.2015, Friday ~ In the morning, we attended the City of Lebanon Prayer Meeting, at Joseph’s Storehouse. I noted that a young man named Joseph attended and continue in great faith that the season of Josephs is arising in the land: A season of leaders with great wisdom earned through ABBA ADONAI’s refining fires. One of HGRM intercessors, Sami drove down from KY to join us and then we shared lunch at the Cracker Barrel, a delightful, savory southern tradition not available in Oregon. The heavy rain poured in torrents outside while we enjoyed the tantalizing flavors of exceptional southern cooking. We prayed for GOD to release more fully HIS rains, reigns, and reins upon HIS earth. The Holy Spirit is always faithful to give to GOD’s people and hear their prayers according to HIS will. Following lunch,  we went to a thrift store in search of scarves for Worship Instruments and found only one, however, the cashier’s name was FAITH and that was the message of HIS truth in that moment of seeking HIS face. Sami kindly dropped me off at Joy’s home and the remainder of the day held rest, relaxation and time to review Sunday’s message.

03.14.2015, Saturday ~ The day was spent in preparation for the evening gathering, which meant Joy did everything and I relaxed and waited with hopeful anticipation. In the afternoon, Joy took me to the grocery store so that I could shop in preparation for the Experiential Communion on Sunday, where I met Jan and Chip, one of HGRM’s faithful intercessors. It was one of those supremely divine moments. I found it odd that there was no Jewish section in the grocery store, like our Fred Meyer’s in Central Oregon.

In the evening, 17 gathered for joyous fellowship, food, fun, and worship. It was 5-6 hours of the holy and divine. I was blessed beyond words to meet new faces and embrace the familiar friends of my Tennessee home. 

03.15.2015, Sunday ~ It was a warm 55 degrees on way to Westmoreland, where Rob and Sue Stidham invited me to minister at River of Life-Messiah’s Fire Church. When we arrived within an hour, the temperature had popped up to 68 degrees. As I graduated on 06.08 (June 8), it is a numerical language that the Holy Spirit has given to bring me simple encouragement that I have and will pass any tests….all there is to do is simply TRUST HIM. I love the way HE takes time to communicate HIS presence and HIS peace to me. It is a sweet, sweet gift.

The Experiential Communion service is one of my most favorite ministry outreaches as I just love to watch GOD’s people approach HIS banqueting table laden with grapes, almonds, cashews, dates, figs, honey, apples, bread, and communion juice to spend just a moment taking communion with their KING YESHUA. HIS purity and presence is always life changing. Communion is a divine exchange, a sweet form of holy and sacred worship.

Before arriving home that we had prayed through seven cities (Hendersonville, Madison, Westmoreland, Gallatin, Lebanon, Nashville and Knoxville). Rob, Sue and I shared a very late lunch at the Olive Garden then we sat outside in the warm sun, sipping late afternoon lattes and shared until the shadows moved across the land gently announcing the closing of the day. It was a priceless gift to me to have this time to share with these truly faithful ministers of the Body of Christ.

03.16.2015, Monday ~ This afternoon I met with Lisa at a local’s favorite restaurant in Lebanon, TN. It was our first time to meet as we were connected by a mutual acquaintance. Even though I have been visiting TN since 1999, it was my first time at this restaurant. After we were seated and orders taken, I heard a familiar voice call my name, and looked up and noticed, Barbara sitting at a table across the room. I laughed out loud. Small World….Big GOD. I arose and went over to Barbara’s table, where she introduced me to her guests. As she introduced me, the waiter walked by, heard Barbara introduce me as “Jennifer Joy.” The waiter named Tori, stopped and asked, “Jennifer Joy? Did you preach in Westmoreland yesterday?” I smiled, answered, “Yes” and she went on to explain that her friend, Michele,  was at the service yesterday and had shared with Tori. Small World….Big GOD.

Tennessee warmly embraced me as a minister in 1999. It is one of the rare places on earth that I am treated with such deep affection, respect, honor, generosity and kindness. As you might already know, not all Christian Communities and/or Churches embrace Worship Arts and/or someone in ministry not affiliated with a Christian denomination. As Lisa drove me to Joy’s we passed a sign, “We choose love no matter what!” which is the essence of this place.

In the late afternoon/evening, Joy and I sat outside in the warm spring sun, sipping wine, savoring the communion of YESHUA’s holy presence.

03.17.2015, Tuesday ~ In the mid-morning, I met Liz at the Golden Arches, then we went to her home for a brief but joyful visit with her beautiful daughter, Elissa, and precious new granddaughter, Amelia Rose. In the last four years, an unexpected tornado stormed and stomped over their land, ripping out many trees. Since that season, they have transformed the ravaged areas into a luxurious private park where their immediate and extended family gathers. Sometimes the LORD allows a seemingly devastating storm, so that we can see more clearly HIS purposes when the storm abates.

In the afternoon, Barbara, JoAnn and I shared lunch at JoAnn’s home. These two women are faithful friends of God, faithful intercessors and gifts from PAPA GOD to my life.  Their wisdom is immeasurable. I simply have to tell you about the lunch because it was all homemade…truly a rare treat in my life.  The table was decorated in America’s colors of red, white and blue accented with the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag plates. We enjoyed pickled beets, bread and butter pickles, pink salad with kiwi shamrock, bow tie pasta with chicken, carrots, cucumber, ranch dip, ice cream, fresh peach sauce, and fresh strawberries. Today is my Dad’s birthday, he would be 91, if he stilled lived on earth. This luncheon was a sweet gift of celebration of those we love on earth and those we love in heaven. Barbara returned me safely to Joy’s and we sat in the car and as per usual, Barbara prayed and prophesied over me. She is truly a gift from heaven. I remain grateful for her faith.

After Barbara left, I climbed the stairs again, and I am rejoicing over my stair climbing improvement; quickly changed clothes and then met JoAnn downstairs at 5:25 pm. JoAnn was willing to take me on a couple of errands before we gathered for the Lebanon Aglow. Yesterday, I saw a sign at Burke’s “THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE” so I went to acquire it and place it in the upstairs room where I have stayed on most every visit to TN for many years. As we were crossing the parking lot, I looked up and noticed a cloud in the shape of a whirlwind with a sunbow across it. We enjoyed the signs in heaven and the sign on earth.

03.18.2015, Wednesday ~ Joy and I left early to attend the Capital City Prayer in Nashville. We stopped by to pick up two friends living in different locations; one joined us, one declined. Nashville is a beautiful city and I have many fond memories in this place.

Twelve gathered in the Supreme Court Chamber to pray for the Government and Government Leaders of TN. We gave thanks that Netanyahu was reelected in Israel yesterday, a miracle of divine intervention by the MOST HIGH GOD! PTL! During the time of prayer the following Scriptures were given: Exodus 15:11, Psalm 25, Psalm 78:5-6, Psalm 34, Isaiah 33:6, Psalm 2, Psalm 57, Psalm 20, Jeremiah 23:19-20.

A group of us gathered at Monell’s – a Nashville tradition. The meals are served family style, so our group joined another smaller group at a long table seating 10-12. Never before have I seen so much food being passed for any gathering at a restaurant. And it was amazingly delicious home-cooked recipes that had passed down for generations. There were just plates and plates of food!

In the evening, Jan and Marsha and I met at Fulin’s for some girlfriend time. God is so faithful to allow me to see and spend moments of time with those that I cherish. It was a good time and a God time!

03.19.2015, Thursday ~ Dena from Bowling Green, KY picked me up at Joy’s this morning for my departure from Lebanon. The original purpose for this trip was to gather at White Stone Inn (whitestoneinn.com), “A Sanctuary for the Soul” in Kingston, TN for three days of prayer. The past seven days were amazing gifts from PAPA GOD! We passed through Cookeville at 10:10 AM and prayed as friends are considering expanding their business to this city. The sign at the gateway of the city: “Cookeville – City of Champions!”  So naturally we prayed John 10:10 over this city and my friend’s new business venture.

We arrived at our destination and checked in to the “Sparrow” Suite. I laughed out loud as twice as many stairs on the outside of the suite and even more stairs on the inside. How kind of GOD to give me seven days to practice stairs so that my feet would be strong enough to climb these stairs. HE is faithful to prepare the way!

Valerie joined us from Mary Esther, Florida and the three of us united in purpose, prayer and intention to seek God’s face and listen to HIS voice in this time set apart for HIM.

Signs Along the Way ~ New Gate, 1200, 58 (Covenant Promises of God), Daniel Rain, Covenants of God, 3-Fold Cord, New Coverings, Jubilee/Jubilee 2015-2016 - double portion Jubilee, and New Beginnings.

03.20.2015, Friday ~ This is my second visit to White Stone Inn, once before in 2010. It is a luxurious resort richly adorned with Southern tradition and hospitality. The grounds are expansive, beautiful and peaceful. A soft misty white fog hovered over us during our stay. Birds graced our stay with the sound of their songs and the movements of their wings as the grounds at White Stone includes a waterfowl refuge.

White Stone is known for their amazing ways of satisfying one’s palate. They did not disappoint us in this. Breakfast included chocolate chip muffins with real butter, fresh scrambled eggs, real hash browns, home-made biscuits and gravy, fruit fruits, a variety of  juices and teas, bacon ... Amazing gift!

We took a delightful horse-drawn Carriage ride over the grounds led by beautiful two horses of Belgium and Morgan mix. The driver pointed out places of interest and shared the history of White Stone Inn during the tour.

Dena and Valerie went to the lakeside to enjoy their picnic lunch as eagles soared above. I chose to stay in the warmth of the room and watched the deer move through the border of trees. We then spent time in prayer and preparation for this evening’s communion service.

Following another amazing linen table cloth dining experience overlooking the lake we returned to the extreme comfort of our suite. The warm fireplace dispelled the chills of an early spring evening. Dena had prepared the communion table and we so enjoyed communion with our KING JESUS! How fortunate we are to be among the daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD!  Scriptures: Esther 4:14, Isaiah 22:22, and Revelation 2:17:

'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it.’

This weekend was chosen for this prayer gathering because in Jerusalem, Israel it is the first day of Nisan, the sound of the Shofars can be heard in the land, there is a solar eclipse in the heavens, at our 11:44 PM the sun is rising in Israel. We have gathered to pray for Israel.

In the Strong's Concordance, Greek 1144 means: “tear” or “tears” from the following scriptures.

Luke 7:38, “and standing behind HIM at HIS feet, weeping, she began to wet HIS feet with her tears, and kept wiping them with the hair of her head, and kissing HIS feet and anointing them with the perfume.”

Luke 7:44, “Turning toward the woman, HE said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I entered your house, you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has wet My feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.”

03.21.2015, Saturday ~ Our time in Kingston closed far too quickly. We trust we have accomplished that which brought pleasure to our FATHER in heaven. We poured “HIS Liberty” Holy Anointing Oil in Watts Bar Lake at 9:41 AM and then departed White Stone Inn at 10:04 AM. Valerie headed back to Florida and Dena dropped me off at the Nashville airport as she headed back to KY. I waited a couple of hours for my departing flight and then arrived safely in Central Oregon at 9:32 PM.

As always, my heartfelt appreciation to the kind generosity, faithful prayers, sacred friendships and divine encounters of so many along the way.


Jennifer Lynn Joy