HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
Hallelu m
This Morning’s Worship

01.25.2015©Jennifer Lynn Joy

An utterly random outpouring of this morning’s encounter of heaven coming to earth…simply what I witnessed...

Judah’s Lion Roaring,
Angels Dancing Above,
Hope Reigning Strength,
Tornadoes Turning Tables,
Hurricanes Raising Levels,
Whirlwinds Skirting Around,
Waves Bringing Joy,
Winds Restructuring Order,
Strings Lifting Harmony,
Pipes Creating Rhapsody,
Keys Blending Sounds,
Voices Sweetening Melodies,
Trees Bowing Low,
Christ’s Humility Observed,
Fragrances Singing Praise,
Blossoms Kissing Sunshine,
Children Delighting YESHUA,
SON Shining Brightly,
Moon Reflecting LIGHT,
Elijah Releasing Power,
Ezekiel Serving Glory,
Elisha Sprinkling Miracles,
Prophetic Rumblings Tumbling,
HIS Living Word,
Fire Consuming Idols,
God Ministering Deeply,
Table Fellowship Embraced,
Priest Welcoming All,
Hands Extending Peace,
Hearts Uniting Friendship,
Heaven Raining Blessings,
Sacred Holy Timing,
Broken Bread Served,
New Beginnings Arising,
Servant’s Heart Restored,
Pacific Daylight Time,
Central Oregon Desert,
Redeemed Planet Earth,
Milky Way Galaxy,
PAPA GOD’s Universe.