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10.06.2012 Potomac River Cruise - Mount Vernon - 50 - Mount Vernon Slave Burial Site - 3

Journal of Joy
Maryland, Virginia, ad Washington DC, USA
October 3-8, 2012

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2012

Preparation ~ I received 9 horses (various forms of jewelry) as an unexpected gift on 10.01.2012. It was the Holy Spirit’s confirmation of the last 2-3 years of training for this ministry outreach: 1) 2009 Prophetic Word: The Horses are Coming 2) The Horses are Coming Glory Ring 2011 3) The War Horse Movie 2012 4) The 3 War Horse Hammers 2012 5) The War Horse Book Marks 2012 5) The War Horse Anointing Oil 2012 6) War Horse Prophetic Word 2012. An additional surprise in the package was a small Umbrella pin with five colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange) which spoke to me about being under HIS covering/protection for this trip….also a deeper revelation and meaning of five-fold, grace, mercy and the Hand of the LORD being upon me. I also understood that it would be critical to stay under HIS umbrella, (a symbol of HIS divine protection) inside the parameters that HE designated for this trip. Even though there are countless things to do and see in DC that I would be going according to HIS plan exclusively. As HIS daughter, I am grateful for anyway that HE speaks to me in any language that HE chooses.
10.03.2012, Wednesday ~ The Holy Spirit awakened me at 3:21 and I heard the word, “Launch.” All things that could go well with a flight across America went well today.
During the flight…the Captain was pleasantly informative and he made the following announcements… “We are flying above Missoula, Montana …now we are above Helena, Montana….Aberdeen, South Dakota…Minnesota…Wisconsin… Iowa…Indiana…Ohio…” and it seemed like such a miracle to me that each State in America has a Prophetic Glory Ring…and every state that I flew over today has a Worship Hammer and every State but Iowa has a Worship Sword (still awaiting an intercessor)…. HE IS SO FAITHFUL IN THE CARING OF HIS PEOPLE ON EARTH BY SENDING FORTH EXPRESSIONS OF HIS GLORY.
There were no delays, deterrents or disappointments beginning with the taxi arriving at 6:30 a.m. to the airport shuttle that delivered me to the hotel at 5:45 p.m.
During the drive from the airport to the hotel, I asked the bus driver his name. He answered, “Mohammed…can you guess where I am from?” I answered. “No.” He said, “I am from Morocco!”  Then I laughed inside because we sent a Glory Ring to Morocco as well.
Then the opportunities to be an overcomer began immediately upon entering the hotel as my reservation could not be found. After 20 minutes of being publicly degraded and humiliated the third person to help me found the reservation, confirmed that it was paid for in advance and I was given a beautiful quiet corner room on the 9 floor. Looking out the hotel window was a large white neon sign, “A-LION” and I am quite grateful to have the LION of JUDAH watching over me.
Room 927: Strong's Number G927 matches the Greek βαρύτιμος (barytimos), which occurs 1 time in 1 verse in the Greek concordance of the KJV Page 1 / 1 (Mat 26:7) 1) of weighty, great value, very precious, costly – “Now when Jesus was in Bethany, at the home of Simon the leper,  a woman came to HIM with an alabaster vial of very costly perfume, and she poured it on HIS head as HE reclined at the table (Matt. 26:7, NASB). This is one of my life scriptures and one of my favorite songs, “The Alabaster Box” by CeCe Winans. The LORD was speaking to me that the five days on the east coast would have the same spiritual atmosphere as when I receive communion each night from Yeshua, my King.
On the home front, my daughter had successful knee surgery today and my supervisor at work resigned. All things remain in HIS Hands. I trust the LORD, as HE orders the steps of my life. My thoughts remain steadfast upon HIM and HIS purposes.
10.04.2012, Thursday ~ This trip has been the LORD’s design since the beginning. It is common for HIM to reveal the deeper purposes of HIS plans as the time arrives. I am sent as HIS daughter first then HE orchestrates divine appointments as relates to the times and seasons. Divine appointments are usually dependent upon another person being willing to walk in obedience as well to HIS Call. First one must recognize the Call, accept the Call and then lay down everything at the foot of the cross, and begin walking in immediate obedience to HIS voice to participate in the Call. It is only HIS way, HIS timing, HIS agenda, HIS plan, HIS purpose, HIS destiny, HIS desire, HIS glory…there is no room for self and sometimes there is no room for others that I love…just room for HIM and HIS will.
After sleeping in until 8:08 EST (5:08 PST) smiles…I worked on the website for a couple of hours. Then went for a walk…the beautiful Crystal City Water Park where Gloria and Sandra were ordained last year was closed for repair/cleaning. I thought about the timing of the LORD…how HE opens and closes doors and how easy it is to miss an open door.

It was a great morning of walking through the Crystal City mall. I do so love the international ethnic colors of this city. I met people from the Philippines, Ethiopia and El Salvador. We have sent Glory Rings to Philippines and Ethiopia but not El Salvador…so it is time to begin praying for El Salvador.
Last night when I unpacked my suitcase, the Zip-lock containing the toothbrush, toothpaste and other personal items were missing and some of the items were randomly dispersed throughout the suitcase. The loss of these items led me to a store for a toothbrush where I met the woman from El Salvador…so the loss of a toothbrush was a catalyst for a new nation to pray for….it is all good and it is all GOD! It is about HIS people and HIS perspective...always.
In the evening, I met a beautiful, young exchange student, Larisa from Romania…it was a sweet encounter. And yes, we have sent a Glory Ring to Romania.
10.05.2012, Friday ~ This morning, Gloria met me at 7 am and we shared a bit of breakfast and then met Rozetta who transported us to Andrews Air Force Base. Thank GOD for chauffeurs! Rozetta felt we were stop by the USAF Memorial and The Pentagon 911 Memorial which we did…there are no words. The sound of pulsating grief resonated in the gray atmosphere. The land was soaked with tears. The wind carried the cries of lost loved ones. Because of parking restrictions, Rozetta waited with the vehicle while Gloria and I prayed over the memorial.
Then we went to Andrews Air Force Base where I met two of Gloria’s coworkers. We (Rozetta, Tanja, Arnita and I) had a brief 30 minute prayer prophetic meeting in an unoccupied office. It was just JESUS! There is nothing quite like the spontaneous movement of the Holy Spirit. Then Rozetta took me on a walk-about (prayer)…to the 5 and 4 floors where I shook as many hands as possible (my hands were anointed with Shalom Anointing Oil)…it was a blessed time in the LORD! LOL! She carried the Eastern USA Worship Sword covered by white plastic as we walked. It was supremely perfect! Dena sent a Liberty Bell to Gloria before my arrival which we rang at Andrews then left it at AAFB…Let freedom RING! (2 Cor. 3:17-18).
After arriving home, I received the news that the LORD had overwhelmingly, beyond any comprehension answered our prayers.  
“Arnita was selected and accepted into a new position effective November 4, 2012. This was a complete miracle considering (due to     budget cutbacks) she was in a coming-to-a-close-very-soon temporary position with a company that she had faithfully served for 16 years. It was absolutely divine intervention.”
Rozetta and I went to Chapel One on the base where we prayed and anointed each pew twice with Shalom! Anointing Oil. We then went around to the back door (intentionally) and met two of the Chaplains (shook hands with them) and finished the tour coming full-circle. Rozetta dropped me by the Officer’s club for lunch where I met Gloria and Dr. Wilson (from Puerto Rico)…a good time was had by all. Following lunch, Arnita, Dr. Wilson, Gloria and I enjoyed a spontaneous parking-lot prayer where the Fire, Glory and Anointing of the LORD was released. We returned to Gloria’s office and when she had finished her tasks, Arnita drove us to the Metro Station where we rode the train (the blue, yellow, green, red or some color line) to the Smithsonian to meet Don, Shirley, Ted (from Oregon) and Pam (from Vienna, VA).
…Another miracle, was reported after I returned home. “Before his transfer to a new position, Dr. Wilson Rosa at his own personal expense went to Assisi, Italy to present a scientific paper and technical work to the world renowned Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Presenters and National Contributors included Representatives          from Spain, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy, United Arab Emirates,  Greece, etc. To make a long story short…Dr. Wilson Rosa representing the DoD/USA  was voted the walk-away winner, best presenter and presentation, results to be published in esteemed scientific journals. Dr. Rosa was very humbled and gives all GLORY to  GOD! Minister Joy, You prayed and touched both of these in ways you could not   imagine...more to come.....Selah!”
When we first arrived the Georgetown University track team was running on the Mall…America’s finest young men and it seemed timely as one of our ministry intercessors’ daughter is attending Georgetown University.
On the Washington Mall, we gathered to worship and declare a sound unto the heavens and the earth! Ted and Don blew their trumpets, while Gloria blew the Shofar. Shirley, Pam and I danced with flags – it was so fun! A man came up and asked me, “What are the flags for?” I answered, “Worship.” He asked, “Worship who?” I answered, “Worship God.” He asked, “What religion?” I said, “Protestant Christianity, Biblical Christianity.” He answered, “Oh, I have never heard of that. What do the flags mean?” I explained that each color had a meaning, so since I was worshipping with pink flags, I was praying for healing of America. He smiled, thanked me, and walked away. I was quite surprised by my courage…it had to be JESUS!
After Sounding the Trumpets/Shofars at both ends of the MALL, Gloria and I departed for the Metro and arrived in Crystal City within a few minutes. We shared a meal at the Crystal City Mall near the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was a great day of divine appointments, the favor of the LORD, destined timing and indescribable joy. The glorious presence of the LORD tangibly surrounded us throughout the day.
10.06.2012, Saturday ~ On the home front, my daughter is doing well following surgery and I learned, that a package lost in the postal service for 26 days was found. May all lost things and lost people be found!
Ray and Gloria picked me up at 7 am and we drove to Pier 4 to catch the Spirit of Mount Vernon Cruise. It was supposed to rain today but I asked the LORD to hold the rain in HIS hands just a few hours longer and HE did. HE is like that. We met Ted, Pam, Shirley and Don, which made a group of seven.
The 1.5 hour cruise on the Potomac River was absolutely wonderful, relaxing, beautiful, not over-crowded because of the forecast for rain. And yes, we prayed and poured anointing oil along the River. We arrived at Mt. Vernon at about 10:15 am.
As we were all new to the place it took a bit to navigate the trails and understand the maps and the quickest route to accomplish our plan to gather, pray, sound Shofars and release Anointing Oils as directed by the Holy Spirit. We made it to the top of the hill about 11 am after seeing a section of the farming portion of the property. After a brief lunch, we went outside to a grassy area which was not marked “off-limits” and Gloria began by sharing her prayer rugs and prayer shawl (handmade by Joann, an anointed intercessor), oils and prophetic teaching the Holy Spirit gave her.  
Gloria Jean Reid © 2012
For Glory and For Beauty in collaboration with Awaken the Bride Ministry presents “Two Sticks” anointing oil to Watchman across the Body of Christ.  Elaine Perry representing the Judah (Jewish) tribe and Gloria Reid representing Ephraim (Gentile) tribe have been appointed and commissioned for the task of preparing the Emerging Bride for Awakening. “Two Sticks” is a proprietary blend denoting two servants co-laboring together in the Father’s hand for one Kingdom purpose.
Genesis 17:6, “I will make you exceedingly fruitful; and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come from you.”
Ezekiel 37: 17, “Then join them one to another for yourself into one stick, and they will become one in your hand.”
Jeremiah 1:11, “Moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying, Jeremiah what do you see? And I said, ‘I see the branch of an almond tree…’”
Esther 4:14, “… yet who knows whether you have come to kingdom for such a time as this?”
Almond – (Hebrew) To Wake, To Watch, To be on the lookout, To Hasten, To Remain
Myrtle – (Hebrew-Haddasha) – A plant from which emits a fragrance/perfume more exquisite than that of a rose…(Peloubet’s Bible Dictionary)
Haddassah, a Hebrew name for Esther, one who was kept hidden until the time came for her to emerge and be crowned Queen.  The book of Esther chronicles her appointed purpose in that she was to play a pivotal role in Father God’s plan for saving her beloved nation and her people. Esther was brought forth at an appointed time….”for such a time as this…” Esth. 4:14
After Gloria gave each of us 3 bottles of anointing oil, Ray and Gloria sounded their Shofars. I prayed for Pam, Gloria, Shirley and Ted. Then a guard came running out yelling, “YOU CAN’T BE HERE”…I apologized, picked up my backpack and left purposing to disperse as quickly as possible and diffuse the guard’s ridiculous over-reaction to seven people praying. Mercy Jesus! I am still uncertain of our crime as George Washington was a Christian and countless tourists walked over the grass throughout much of the property. It took Gloria and Ray a moment or two to pack up their things…the guard stood over them while they did it…as if they were criminals. We then walked over to the Mt. Vernon Mansion for our 11:45 am scheduled tour time and enjoyed a brief view of America’s First President’s residence, pantry, gardens, slave quarters, family gravesite, slave gravesite, etc. 
Recently I finished reading, The Man Who Planted Trees and in the book it mentioned a “Champion Tree” located at Mt. Vernon…I came across a Cedar of Lebanon (Circa 1899) near the Burial Site of the Washington Family. After visiting the sacred burial site of the slaves of Mount Vernon, we walked downhill to the pier and rejoined the cruise back to Pier 4 – Alexandria, VA. 
On the return journey, a few drops of rain fell and the wind increased significantly. The LORD was faithful. As we departed, Ted gave Gloria five flags (as he is a flag maker). Ray and Gloria dropped me by the hotel and I felt the Holy Spirit directing me to the restaurant to find Maggie from the Philippines and thank her for blessing my stay in Virginia…of course, as I did, her manager walked by. Yeah! GOD!
10.07.2012, Sunday ~ In preparation for the Sunday Morning Communion Service, the LORD asked me to write about the 88 Days of Fasting 2012. Most of it remains a mystery to me, as HE remains a mystery to me. I continually find that finite cannot fully grasp infinite.
As I was researching the number 88, I came across a prophetic word the LORD GOD gave to me 09.18.2006. It bears repeating. When I took the time to read it thoroughly,  I could easily see that over the last six years HE has acted upon every word HE spoke at some level: relationally, politically, environmentally, academically, cosmically, scientifically, mathematically, musically, socially, economically, etc … all for the GLORY of HIS SON, YESHUA.
From the Spirit of God….
Kairos Omega Beginning Wine Reconciliation Time....
YESHUA. Reconciliation. Harvest. Reconciliation. Peace. Reconciliation. Truth. Reconciliation. Fire. Reconciliation. Trust. Reconciliation. Impending. Reconciliation. Reversal. Reconciliation. First. Reconciliation. Inventive. Reconciliation. Innovative. Reconciliation. Reconciliation. Last. Reconciliation. Alpha. Reconciliation. Omega. Reconciliation. Light. Reconciliation. Love. Reconciliation. Revelation. Reconciliation. Exposed. Reconciliation. Honor. Reconciliation. Joy. Reconciliation. Rivers. Reconciliation. Families. Reconciliation. Tribes. Reconciliation. Perception. Reconciliation. Genuine. Reconciliation. Authentic. Reconciliation. Purpose. Reconciliation. Universe. Reconciliation. Alignment. Reconciliation. Power. Reconciliation. Supernatural. Reconciliation. Transition. Reconciliation. Humility. Reconciliation. Restoration. Reconciliation. Redemption. Reconciliation. Renewal. Reconciliation. Omnipotence. Reconciliation. Omnipresence. Reconciliation. Crowns. Reconciliation. Holy. Reconciliation. YESHUA.
88 Words from the Throne of God….
Jennifer Lynn Joy
The most difficult challenge for me while fasting is that when HE sets me apart to fast then typically I may not hear from HIM until the fast is over. For me, 22 days is an eternity not to hear from HIM because normally I hear from HIM daily, often many times throughout the day. It is like having someone sit in a room with you and although you are very aware of their presence they do not recognize yours. During these 88 days of fasting the Holy Spirit spoke to me 3 days before the first fast by answering #16 on my 22 topic fasting list and then on April 13, HE provided revelation about #14. On April 24, HE answered #9 and on July 2, HE answered #11.
At this writing on 10.07.2012, 4 of 22 items have been answered and 4 more have been added. There is movement in some of the other items on the list but the fullness is not yet manifested on earth. Fasting and praying is very much a continual movement in the life of an intercessor. It is praying without ceasing. It is praying until the answer arrives. Strong's Number G88 matches the Greek ἀδιάλειπτος (adialeiptos), which occurs 2 times in 2 verses in the Greek concordance of the KJV (Rom 9:2 – 2 Ti 1:3) meaning: 1) Continual 2) Without Ceasing.
From my journal: 04.26.2012 - Revelation: There are five books in the Bible with 44 chapters: Genesis 44 (Joseph), Ezekiel (Glory; Zadok priesthood, Difference between profane and holy), Isaiah (Redemption of Jacob, not forgotten, completely forgiven), Jeremiah (Prophetic not heard or heeded) and Psalms (Rise up Oh GOD and help me).  nal fast 2 x 11 days = 22. Revised fast 22 days x 2 = 44. Very intense. The LORD keeps pointing out 2:44 am or 2:44 pm. Now it will be 4 x 22 = 88….expecting major new beginnings…
Gloria arrived about 10:30 am and we hopped on the shuttle that would take us to the Big Bus Tour rendezvous. The shuttle took an extra trip to Reagan National Airport, returned to the hotel (full circle) and then we began again. 
We arrived at the MLK Memorial a little after 11 am (Hebrews 11). We spent about 45 minutes at the MLK and District of Columbia Memorials. At MLK, we shared communion, poured anointing oil in the Tidal Basin, prayed, decreed and declared Unity in America. We rejoined the Tour Bus which was very crowded because of the drizzling rain and extremely noisy because of crying babies and arguing adults.
All of a sudden, Gloria jumped up and said that we were getting off … and like a bolt of lightning she was moving up Pennsylvania Avenue. Then she suddenly stopped, pondered and said, “This way!” and turned on 13 Street. I took a picture of the sign because the night before the LORD had given me a vision of how to make HIS 2013 Assignment - 50 Scepters for the States of America, to celebrate Purim, the 13 of Adar. 
As the LORD was ordering our steps and timing, we ran downstairs and hopped on a Metro, then hopped off, and connected to another line. Without a guide, I would be lost in the underground Metro Maze World forever.
At the last connection before Pentagon City there were two men, dressed to a T, singing. Their first song was “Gloria.” Laughing out loud, I said to Gloria, “This is your song! They are singing to you!” The closing song was “It’s All Right” …a word from the LORD to Gloria that HE was taking care of all the details.  It was PAPA GOD singing to her, (Zeph. 3:17) over her as she completed the VA-MD-DC weekend with me. It really was quite something watching HIM love her so much and speaking to her in a language that was comfortable between the two of them. We then enjoyed BBQ at Harry’s in Pentagon City and I returned to the hotel and she to her home. During the evening I edited photos from the trip.
10.08.2012, Monday ~ I arose early and was so very excited to post the photos on Webshots and unexpectedly found out the website was not available. As Webshots holds 7000 HGRM ministry photos and is in the process of changing to a new website. I was quite disappointed to see that it would be sometime before I could upload photos again. (Upon returning home, I learned the change in Webshots required locating a different on-line photo storage company and uploading the 7000 photos once again.)
Then I heard the LORD say that I needed to be to the airport early, so I left the hotel about 4 hours early. At the airport, Alaska Airlines had no computer access due to a fiber optic wire cut in Wisconsin, all flights were delayed.
As I was first in-line (Thank you Jesus for the heads up), after waiting a couple of hours, I was re-routed via taxi to Dulles Airport for my departure flight. The taxi was driven by a young man from Ethiopia (his name meant “crown”) and he spoke fondly of his new 2-month old daughter, Bethany. As he was driving through traffic, he turned on the music and I recognized Christian Worship music, so I asked him, “Are you a Christian?” He answered, “Yes!” We laughed. It was such a divine appointment for a 45 minutes taxi ride paid by Alaska Airlines. The LORD opened a way for me to minister to him and to pray for his family. PTL! Then I caught a flight on United to Salt Lake City and on Delta to home, only one hour later than originally scheduled which was a miracle! As I needed to be at work at 7:30 am the next morning the option to stay over was truly not available.
The luggage was smashed beyond belief. My new hard-side suitcase supposedly indestructible was cracked and broken in many places.
Gratefully, I survived the journey in much better condition than the suitcase. As the LORD has been gracious in healing me of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, low-blood sugar, low-thyroid, anemia and chronic pain over the past 2-3 years….traveling is quite a lot easier! Sweet JESUS! To HIM be the GLORY!
As always, with any ministry outreach, I am indebted to the HGRM Intercessors who are faithful to pray, and grateful to those that gave of their time, resources, gifts, anointing, talents and devotion to Yeshua. It is deeply encouraging to have so many give so generously to the advancement of HIS Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It is a complete joy to walk with HIM and HIS own.
In HIS Service,
Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister