HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4

Journal of Joy

107 ~ Western Montana & Eastern Washington

November 4-14, 2016

Jennifer Lynn Joy © 2016

This is the third of four Journal of Joys that tell the story of the Worship Flag Project 2016
On October 29, 2016, Saturday, I made the final arrangements for this trip including stops in Missoula, Kalispell, and Thompson Falls, Montana then over to Colville, Washington to finish the next portion of the Worship Flag Project and the Worship Victory Streamer for every State in America Project. One of my phone calls was to Katie Lou Rosenow in Kalispell, Montana. I had not seen her since February and was looking forward to seeing her again since she moved in with her daughter, in Kalispell. Two days later, Katie Lou went home to heaven, without a doubt dancing and singing all the way home. Of course, her joy is eternal life. Life on earth is much shorter and much more precious than we begin to realize or understand. It is wisdom to speak daily as if it is our last day to live…because it just might be.
11.04.2016 – Friday - I have been home for about 8 days since my journey to TN-KY-NC and I am still very much on their time table, awaking at 4:00 AM daily to pray. I am trusting the LORD for the strength for this journey and thinking how lovely it might be to have a driver. However, about 10 hours later I arrive in Missoula. It is a beautiful, sunny day and the roads were clear sailing without road construction, delays, or challenges. For this I give thanks.

Signs along the way: 119 (Psalm 119)

We attended the City of Missoula, First Friday Art Walk in the evening. At the Art Walk, a brochure read, “2106-2017 Season – IN FULL COLOR” for the Missoula Symphony. It spoke prophetically to me. As we are spiritually in a season of full color, all the colors, the fullness of light, the fullness of prism, the fullness of HIS Covenant.

During this trip, two Glory Rings were returned to Karrie, who hosted a HGRM Conference in 2009. The State of South Dakota Glory Ring, I will be taking home and send to another. The City of Missoula, Montana Glory Ring will stay in Missoula with Karrie. Gratefully, sometimes when an intercessor is finished with their season of intercession, they return the Worship Instruments to HGRM instead of discarding them or donating them to a local thrift / re-sale store.

11.05.2016 – Saturday ~ Still on Tennessee time, I arose at 4:00 AM to pray, then we headed south to the Bitterroot Valley to pray.

On the trip south, I noticed a large nest to the east of the highway. I exclaimed, “Oh look at that large bird nest!” Karrie exclaimed, “Oh look at the eagle sitting in the nest!”  We laughed.

Under a cloudless, mild fall weather day, we prayed over Lolo, Corvallis, and Stevensville – all cities that we have prayed over before – then we drove even further south to Darby. Wherever the LORD sends me there are always cities, states, rivers, tribes, churches, schools, businesses, and people in need of prayer.

During our treasure searching, I delightfully came across a Delaware-New Jersey Jim Beam Antique Bourbon Bottle for the State of America Anointing Oil Project - from “addicted to anointed” plus some velvet ribbons to use on Worship Flags and Glory Rings. For this I give thanksgiving and praise to ABBA ADONAI for HIS Abundant Provision.

11.06.2016 – Sunday ~ The time zone in my physical dwelling place shifted to PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), so I slept in this morning until 6:00 AM.

Karrie and I went up both sides of the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area (East and West Trailheads) praying and pouring anointing oil, we came home and worked on the Worship Flag project. I brought more remnant fabric from home and then we went and purchased some highly prophetic fabric.

The afternoon held treasure hunting for Worship Instrument supplies, anointing oil bottles and communion supplies. The LORD’s favor was clearly with us.  On the way, home we prayed over The Silver Park in Missoula near the Clark Fork River.

In the evening, we met an HGRM Intercessor for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It was a sweet time of fellowship.

11.07.2016 – Monday – In the morning, we designed Worship Flags and repaired/refurbished other Worship Instruments, then went treasure hunting in the afternoon, pouring oil and praying over different strategic parts of the city of Missoula.

11.08.2016 – Tuesday – This morning held the daily stop at the local coffee roasters, then we drove to Mill Town State Park and the Overlook of the Bonner Dam. As my feet, could not do the trail, Karrie and her boisterous black lab, Paisley ran down the trail to take photos and pour oil. Then we drove through the Pattee Canyon, Deer Canyon and Crazy Canyon praying and pouring anointing oil along the way.

We came back to Missoula to pack the vehicles and headed north to Poulson, Kalispell and White Fish, Montana. The season has turned to intense intercession for me regarding the Presidential Election in America. This is the final place, the final mile of a marathon of intercession this year, known as the "HGRM 2016 America Prayer Journey" of 22 States.

We stayed in Whitefish at a hotel I could not recommend. However, then we went to Petula, a local restaurant/pub filled with Republicans for the Election Celebration. The food was extraordinary. A place we would highly recommend.


11.09.2016 – Wednesday – I woke up at 3:21 and clearly something was launched in America. Karrie and I met for breakfast downstairs, then I headed for North Washington, via Plains and Thompson Falls, Montana about 123 miles. I met Lyne, Dixie and Ron for a quick lunch in Thompson Falls then headed north through Sandpoint, Idaho…my first time on this stretch of road. The LORD was gracious in providing smooth travels without road construction, delays, vehicle issues and inclement weather. Praise God!

The sun was setting as I arrived in Colville. It is my third time to visit Constance this year due to the Worship Victory Streamer Project and the Worship Flag Project. I am feeling triple blessed and beyond grateful.

11.10.2016 – Thursday – Today Constance and I made 30 flags. I measured, cut, ironed, and pinned fabric while she sewed. We have become more proficient in our process. It is good and it is God. I will add adornments and flag poles when I return home in preparation for the final photography shoot. Giving thanks for this team effort as I feel PAPA GOD’s pleasure in the unity of HIS handmaidens.

I also cut 154 ribbons for the Victory Streamers in preparation for tomorrow.

11.11.2016 – Friday – Veterans Day ~ Arising early, Constance continued sewing and I finished de-wiring the 154 ribbons and pinned them for sewing. The ribbons are the final portion of the “sewing portion” of the Victory Worship Streamers for each State in America. All were cut, de-wired and pinned for sewing. We worked until after 10:00 PM, with certainty the task would be completed tomorrow.
11.12.2016 – Saturday –  In the morning, Constance finished sewing the Victory Worship Streamers and then we went into town to get more supplies.
Signs along the way: Gifts from the Sky, Harvest, Victory, Gold Horses, Silver Horses, Maverick
An HGRM intercessor offered to take me to lunch. It was good to get away from the tasks for a couple of hours and enjoy the fellowship and company of a friend of GOD.
James 2:22-23; NASB,“You see that faith was working with his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected; and the Scripture was fulfilled which says, ‘AND ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD, AND IT WAS RECKONED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ and he was called the friend of God.”
When I returned to Constance’s about 3:30 PM we literally just sat, visited, and shared the Glory of the LORD. We both know how amazing HE truly is by the transformational, supernatural energy HE gives to us. We humbly stand in awe of HIS grace!
As I will be preaching in the morning, we retired early, then I arose from 2:00 AM – 4:00 AM to pray for the day.
11.13.2016 – Sunday -  This morning I preached at NEW Beginnings Church in Kettle Falls, Washington where I have been warmly welcomed before. The Holy Spirit arrived in full regalia releasing hope, joy, kindness, encouragement, healing, passion, favor, wisdom, counsel, and prophetic blessings as is HIS nature.
A small group of us gathered at a local’s favorite restaurant for a time of refreshment and fellowship. It was a sweet time in the spirit. The kindness of God was present in full living color.
In the late afternoon, I packed the car preparing for tomorrow’s departure. I am excited to be taking home the final piece of the Worship Victory Streamers and looking forward to finishing that project and begin releasing the Streamers to intercessors throughout the States of America. 2016-2017 are clearly years of Victory in America!
Although the Worship Flag Project was not part of my agenda for 2016, it was the LORD’s and I am grateful that it is closer to completion. All in HIS time.
This evening displays the largest "Supermoon" since Israel became a nation in 1948. Only GOD! The heavens declare HIS Glory!
Psalm 97:6, NASB,“The heavens declare HIS righteousness, and all the peoples have seen HIS Glory!”
11.14.2016 – Monday – Departing at 7:00 AM and arriving home at about 1:00 PM. I am grateful to arrive home early and have time to call for furnace repair as the duplex held no heat and winter nights have arrived. During this trip, my previous neighbors moved out and a new neighbor has moved in. It is amazing what can happen in 10 days.
Hebrews 11:1, NASB,“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen!”
Giving thanks to the faithful HGRM Intercessors who provide faithful prayer support. May GOD recompense your giving.
With a grateful heart, Yours for Yeshua,
Jennifer Lynn Easton Joy, M.Div., Ordained Minister