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Four New Mandates from the LORD
09.21. 2010 Introductory Letter
RE: States and Nations Worship Hammers & States and Nations Anointing Oils!
To my FATHER’s faithful servants and prayer warriors,

September is the season of New Beginnings, the Head of the Year, a season of Rosh Hashanah, The Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kipper, The Day of Atonement, a season of Holy Days, the Feast of Tabernacles, a season when the Holy Spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD releases that which has been carried in intercession for the previous season(s).
For HGRM, this September has been revolutionary in the release of four new mandates from the LORD, which we are fully embracing and moving forward according to our understanding of HIS word to us.
In 2001, we began the America Prayer Shield which has released over 500 State Prayers to thousands of people around the world. The America Prayer Shield has grown to encompass the 999-Prayers including America-Israel, North America, North America Indigenous Peoples, and the Body of Christ. Experientially, I have found that often when we pray for something we are part of the answer to that prayer.
Therefore, we are commissioned by the LORD to create a
1) Worship Hammer for each State in America,
2) to create Worship Hammers for Nations,
3) to create Anointing Oil for each State in America,
4) to create Anointing Oil for Nations.
This new mandate has rather consumed the last few weeks. It is added to the previous mandates for writing and releasing 999-Prayers, facilitating Worship Arts Conferences & Workshops and the creation of Prophetic Worship Instruments.
Our website now holds photos and information for the first State Anointing Oil (Montana) and the first Nation Anointing Oil (Germany). The story of how this began is quite like the character of the LORD, doing something unusual that a religious spirit will not like.  I arrived in Missoula MT on 08.18.2010 to assist in the preparation of the upcoming Worship Arts Conference beginning 09.11.2010.
Often we visit local thrift shops to find worship arts supplies to purchase with the intent to invest into the community. On one such occasion, we were at the Teen Challenge Thrift Store and came upon antique bourbon bottles for Montana, South Carolina and Maine. The Holy Spirit inspired the idea to use the bottles for Holy Anointing Oil! I truly believe only GOD would use a recycled bourbon bottle for Holy Anointing Oil! As I know no one else that cares more about reversing the curse of addiction with HIS pure and righteous anointing or that has invested more than YESHUA, JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH in the redemption of our broken lives. So, we purchased the three antique bourbon bottles and within four weeks the LORD has provided bottles for Montana, Illinois, Florida, Washington, Italy, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Poland, Austria, and Tennessee in different areas of western Montana. This is all quite surprising, yet so like GOD!
On 09.12.2010, we attended a fundraiser for Teen Challenge, a Christian Ministry devoted to the restoration and redemption of young women caught in the addiction cycles. Who but GOD would inspire Anointing Oil in recycled bourbon bottles for the freedom from addiction in every State in America and Nations around the world? Who but GOD could redeem and transform our broken places by HIS anointing?
During this same journey to Missoula, the release of a Worship Hammer for each State in America and Worship Hammers for Nations also came to fruition. 

When I received my first Worship Hammer in September 2001, I knew in my spirit that just as the LORD was birthing the America Prayer Shield and while we were in the fourth year of creating a Prophetic Glory Ring for each State in America that someday, HE would prepare others with the vision for Anointing Oil and Hammers for each State in America. That day arrived! We have miraculously completed 27 State Worship Hammers and 5 Nations (Israel, Canada, Africa, France and Washington D.C.) Worship Hammers!
We give thanks to the LORD for HIS anointing, creative spirit, desire and passion for us to complete these dreams of HIS. We give thanks for your faithful prayers and we need your financial support. Each Nation or State Worship Hammer costs about $50 from beginning to shipping, each Nation or State Glory Ring costs about $200 from beginning to shipping, each Nation or State Anointing Oil costs about $50 from beginning to shipping.
During this trip to Montana, while on a Prayer Journey in the Thompson River area we came upon a Mountain Lion alongside the road, just a few feet from our vehicle. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit,  “The LION of JUDAH is on the Mountain”….of course, we were rather undone by it all. The day trip also held many American Bald Eagles soaring overhead, forest creatures such as chipmunks and squirrels, green lush pastures spotted with herds of “Oreo Cows” and Horses, Wild Turkeys crossing the country roads and even Big Horn Sheep (rams, ewes and lambs). As we noticed the Rams, it was quickened in my spirit how the ram was provided in a divine exchange for Isaac, and then a little further down the road a green mountain meadow filled with ewes and lambs.
But it is God who established us with you in Christ and has anointed us, by putting HIS seal on us and giving us HIS Spirit in our hearts as a first installment
(2 Cor. 2:21-22 NRSV).
Our lives are rich and we are blessed beyond words because Jesus Christ is the Lamb of GOD who has given HIS life for us.
Jennifer Lynn Joy, Minister
P.S. Anticipating that a Sword for each State in America will be following the Hammers and Oils.