HIS Glory Reigns Ministries - HE has rays flashing from HIS hand...Habakkuk 3:4
02.22.2015 States of America Scepter Project - SC - 4

Worship Scepters


Scriptures: Genesis 1; Genesis 45:7, 49:10; Leviticus 23:40; Numbers 21:16-20 and Chapters 17 & 24; Esther; Isaiah 14; Isaiah 22:22, 43:18-19, 51:15; 62:1; Ezekiel 40; Nehemiah 8:15; Psalms 5:12, 35:7, 60:7, 72:7, 85:10; Psalms 45, 108, 11, 125, and 133; Proverbs 14:9; Matthew 6:21; Mark 16:1-2; John 12:13; John 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19; Romans 14:7; Hebrews 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11; James 3:18; Revelation 1:18-19, 7:9; Revelation 5, 11, 21 and 22.

A bottle of HIS LIBERTY! Holy Anointing Oil! Is included with each Scepter.
 This is merely an introduction to the Prophetic Scepters in Color, Type and Symbol. I trust the Holy Spirit will impart and imprint to you more fully HIS purposes, plans, desires, will, function, languages, form, resonations, sounds, glory, kindness, favor, blessings, healing, love, joy, peace, goodness, purity, hope, faith, covenant, protection, delights and justice regarding these sacred and holy worship instruments and the territory to which they are designated.

      During one of my visitations to the heavenly realm, the Angelic Hosts escorted me to the Waterfall Gardens. It is a place of extreme, over-the-top extravagant beauty…the kind of beauty beyond human imagination and seemingly impossible to describe with the limitations of words. There are rock hewn benches covered with soft green moss where one may recline, sit, rest or dwell. Above the emerald green lounging (eminently designed) chairs are innumerable waterfalls flowing at limitless rates. Some are just tiny spurts of water, others are steady streams, some of the waterfalls gust forth in gigantic surges, others are thin wispy waves of water, some of artesian design … yet all provide melodic harmonic rhapsodies of healing songs along with the incalculable movement of the water. It is not like any place I have been on earth, although I have seen photos of the Hawaiian Islands that remind of this place in heaven. The layers of soft white sand at the foundation of the crystal clear teal blue pools below the multitudinous waterfalls are saturated with gemstones of every imaginable facet, size, color and shape. So that when one reclines on the plush moss covered benches with the cool mist from the waterfalls raining from above, the light from within the gemstones and from within the waters reflect upon each other creating at least a million rainbows of light intersecting and reflecting each other. It is a dance like no other…a covenant dance of the Promises of ELOHIM raining, reigning and reining on HIS people around the earth. The sweet, relentless fragrance of this place is the fullness of the liberty, life and love of YESHUA, Our Messiah. 

     When I first added gemstones to the Scepter/Wand…The Holy Spirit asked for 45 (Psalm 45 which is about inheritance) multiplied by 5 (Mercy, Grace and the Hand of the Lord, Miracles) rows to cover the Rod/Wand which is to represent the gemstones in the Waterfall Garden in heaven. Perhaps 227 miracles to arrive on earth at the place each Scepter is released. Then I added a single ribbon between each gemstone and the LORD clearly asked for “double portion” so another ribbon was added, in addition to the crown ribbons it is over 100. 

I said to the LORD, “It does not look like a Scepter; it looks like a Palm Branch.” HE SAID, “MY SCEPTER IS A PALM BRANCH, AND THE PALM BRANCH IS MY SCEPTER!” I truly do not begin to understand the fullness but HE gave me the Scriptures: Leviticus 23:40; Nehemiah 8:15; John 12:13; Revelation 7:9. I was stunned when I read the Scriptures, as they are clearly about the fullness of Worshipping ELOHIM in Spirit and Truth, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Season of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Trumpets and the Return of OUR BRIDEGROOM, YESHUA, OUR MESSIAH AND ASCENDED KING! (John 4:24) 

     I began the nations/continents Scepters in March 2015, the week the wands arrived. The LORD spoke to me that there has been a long delay for many of PAPA GOD’s own as they have prevailed, overcome, stood and pressed forward through many unprecedented trials, tribulations, storms, betrayals, tests and other afflictions for which they have had absolutely no understanding and have quietly wondered if GOD forgot them. ELOHIM has not forgotten you, instead HE asked you to prevail because of HIS AMAZING GRACE for the lost and not wanting to release HIS judgment to the godless, as HIS HEART is always about reconciliation to HIS children as HE was their FATHER first. The first continent was EURASIA, then AFRICA, followed by SOUTH SEAS ISLANDS. 

     As I am making the Scepters I can see the countless waves of colorful covenant glory, love, faith, favor, rewards, healings, restorations, redemptions, reconciliations, renewals, revivals coming to the remnant of ELOHIM.

     Generally speaking, GOD’s FAVOR, purpose, destiny, plan, and design for the State, Nation, Continent and/or Territory is released the day the intercessor receives the worship instrument. This is the first time in 19 years ABBA ADONAI has changed HIS own parameter and decree. It is HIS new season, a deeper shift, a more abundant favor, a brighter glory! And HIS grace in the life of HIS daughter.  

     At first glance, they do not have the appearance of a Scepter of the Earth … because they are God’s Scepters birthed from the Gates of Heaven given to HIS servants to steward HIS Favor.  

     It is a sacred holy responsibility. The FAVOR of ABBA ADONAI is being released to HIS HOLY PEOPLE!  
  • 100 (100-fold) plus yards of ribbons represent the waves (Isa. 51:15), movements, and pleasures of the LORD being released; StrongsG100: bountiful, great abundance. Some of the ribbons are remnants (Gen. 45:7) from other Worship Instruments created in the last 19 years. Some of the Scepters have ribbons tied in sets of 3 ribbons symbolizing the Trinity, ELOHIM (God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit).  Over 7000 yards of ribbons for this Scepter Project. The colors, symbols and numbers are significant to each meaning with Scripture as notated in Have Glory Ring will Travel.
  • 227 plus Gemstones symbolize the priceless jewels of wisdom that the Holy Spirit imparts to HIS own (Isa. 61); StrongsG227: true; loving the truth, speaking the truth, truthful. There are four (4 Corners of the Earth, 4 Winds of the Earth, 4 Directions: N, E, S, W) rows of 45 (Ps. 45 – Inheritance) gemstones and one row of 45 plus. They are each in specific prophetic arrangement according to the territory and purposes of ADONAI. Over 14,000 gemstones for this Scepter Project.
  • 36 inch rod/wand (Numbers 17; Ezekiel 40; Hebrews 9; Revelations 11, 21) is symbolic of opening the vision of the blind, to allow more light in each person, the flexibility and clarity of the overt grace and mercy of ABBA ADONAI and to bring greater fullness of wisdom revelation and knowledge of the MOST HIGH GOD.
  • Scepter Top – Multifaceted Prism Reflection of Light symbolizing the countless facets of ELOHIM, the Redeeming LIGHT of YESHUA, and the pure synergy of the Trinity of GOD. The Scepter top, Crystal Prism is from China. Originally it serves as a drawer or cupboard knob to open a drawer or cupboard. The parable is in alignment with the “mini blind wand” to open the blind and let the LIGHT into the darkness, dispelling all things unholy.
  • Silver Keys are symbolic of the Authority given by YESHUA (Rev. 1:18-19). Not to be taken lightly as a symbol of the Keys of David (Isa. 22:22) and the Cross of Christ (Matt. 24, 25, 26). (Not on all scepters)
  • The tassels are symbolic of double portion healing, graduation, passing costly tests and moving forward with GOD. Additionally, a deeper understanding of the Priesthood of YESHUA (Hebrews 5, 6, 7).
  • Roses of Sharon symbolic of YESHUA, the Pure and Holy Rose of Sharon (Song of Solomon) (Not on all Scepters).
  • Silver Sheep Bells symbolic of True Shepherds who lead the sheep and lambs of God into Eternal Redemption. (Not on all Scepters)
  • Bracelet – Each Scepter has a one-of-a-kind prophetic bracelet handmade by one of HGRM’s faithful intercessors, Carolyn Rae, Missoula, MT. The colors, symbols and numbers are significant to each meaning with Scripture as notated in Have Glory Ring will Travel.
  • Gold and/or Silver Rings are symbolic of Covenant Blessings, Relationship and Restoration. Also, the authority believers have in Christ Jesus (Acts 3:6-8).
  • Bread is symbolic of Communion, YESHUA is our Bread of Life (John 6:35) (some have double portion).
  • Linen Hankies on some States of America symbolic of the resurrection power of JESUS CHRIST and that HE overcame eternal death giving us eternal life (Matt 19:29; John 3:16).
  • Guitars are symbolic of music, particularly as it relates to Nashville, TN, USA (on two Scepters) – it is about the prophetic word over Nashville TN to become Worship City instead of Music City. Worshipping GOD in Spirit and in Truth, not idol worship to the music industry (personal fame and fortune).
  • Feathers are symbolic of the breath of GOD (Gen. 2:7) and how GOD clothes a portion of the animal kingdom on earth; prophetically feathers symbolize being able to adjust to adversity, to soar above circumstances, to protect those that you are given to protect.
  • Five of the Scepter tops are Antique Cupboard Knobs symbolizing the authority to open and close spiritual places (Job 24:1, Psalm 51, Isaiah 45:3, Isaiah 48:6, 1 Corinthians 2:7, 1 Corinthians 4:5, Revelation 2:17).
  • Gold Leaves are symbolic of the healing leaves in Revelation 22 and Ezekiel 47. (Not on all Scepters)
  • Crystal Snowflakes, pendants, hearts…are symbolic of the crystal sea in Revelation 21 and 22. (Not on all Scepters)
  • Spoons are symbolic of eating and tasting the goodness of ABBA ADONAI (Ps. 34:8; 119:103). (Not on all Scepters)