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The Gospel of Luke 24 provides a detailed account of the brief season following the resurrection of Christ. Christ’s time of living on earth was coming to a close. HE had completed all of HIS Father’s assignments and was finishing the conclusion of HIS story on earth.

After reading and studying Luke 24 many times, I wonder how many times in our lives do we “see angels” and then later change the wording to “seeing a vision of angels”? In my own life, I have seen angels since I was a very young child.  Angels are created by the LORD GOD and they, like humans come in various sizes and all the colors of the rainbow.  Intentionally, I watch their movement, pay attention to their directions, listen to their encouragement, and receive their protection.

And to further clarify, no I do not worship angels, nor do they replace GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST the SON, or the HOLY SPIRIT…they are gifts of light, hope, encouragement, love, protection, provision and joy sent by PAPA GOD.

The observance of angels has been the way of my whole life, yet when I share with other that I see angels, often they will change the words to “oh, you mean you had a vision of angels”….and actually, no that is not what I meant.

Intentionally, I do not listen to the radio, music or an audio-book when I am driving because I want more than my own life to hear GOD’s voice first, to hear the whisper of angel wings, to recognize a resonation of the Holy Spirit, to hear the sound of YESHUA interceding for HIS people. There is no sound more important to me than the music of heaven, the glorious sounds of eternity, and/or the sustaining life-giving sounds of ABBA ADONAI.

Often when I travel with others, I will say, “Oh we need to turn here or stop here or take a break here or we need to go now” and it is a rare moment when those I am traveling with will trust me, because the request seems illogical or untimely to them, yet, I see the angels’ movement. On one occasion, we were rerouted in traffic because of accident which added 12 hours to our trip, because the person I was traveling with refused to leave on-time. Had we left 10 minutes earlier, at the time the Holy Spirit said that we needed to leave, we would have missed the accident and arrived at our destination on time. The LORD so desires to bless our lives, yet it seems most are determined by their self-will to miss most of HIS blessings.

When I am the one behind the wheel, then a barrage of “what are you doing?” questions are pummeled in my direction. If I am the passenger in the vehicle, more frequently than not, the driver will look at me as though I am a single-cell amoeba.

I wonder why it is so difficult for people who have known me my whole life or lengthy portions of my life to trust me? And I wonder why people who have known JESUS their whole life still struggle to trust HIM?

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